Playing a joke on an old friend

Ok so I had to share it with somebody. But I don’t want my friend to know I did this, so I’ll post it here. A old friend and former coworker posted a add on kajiji selling his kitchen shoes, saying that they were too narrow for his big feet… It was sunday, and I was bored…enjoy. (I am writing as Phil). I even got a temporary email just for this.


He’s been posting it on Facebook, and it’s picking up lots of people. Everyone is telling him what to say next, this is great.


This is too funny - I love it!

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James, is there a chance we are brothers? Sounds like our minds could be one. In about 1991 a good buddy of mine had been working part time for a company that distributed video tapes for rent. I don’t recall the company name but he supplied all the 7/11 stores in our area. All of a sudden their office closed and he was notified by mail to retrieve all the movies he could from all the stores he serviced, the stores had been notified that their rep would be around three more time to get the movies. He got all he could and scheduled a pickup. from UPS when the UPS driver showed up he informed him that he had to pay for the shipping as the company account had been closed. He said no and went about trying to get ahold of somebody. Well he never did so he was selling us the movies for a couple bucks each he had like 4000 of them. After about a year he said he was down to about a hundred or so. Now here where the story really starts. With the help of a couple co-workers and his wife we sent a certified letter demanding return of the movies. But left it real vague as to when and where. He was in a panic talked to a few of us about what had happened and didn’t know what to do. We all told him to tell thtem to F off. Then we had him served with a summons to court where he was being sued for all the movies with the average cost of the movie being $11.50 for a huge total of money. He was to go to court the Monday after his birthday party. We did a surprise party which he really wasn’t in the mood for when we all jumped out and yelled surprise. He tried to tell us that he really didn’t feel like a party he had a real problem going on. We all agreed that he should talk to my brother as he was an attorney. So I called him and he agreed to come right over (Not my brother and not an attorney but the guy that had served him another friend of one of his friends) When the supposed attorney showed up and started talking to him it took him about a minute to realize that we had set him up and been screwing with him. We all had a great laugh over it. I thought he was gonna kill us. It was hilarious. He said he’d get even and we all agreed there was no way short of sleeping with our wives to best that one.


You shoulda seen the look on his face when he finally realized it was all a set up. Never seen anybody that red in the face before.


@GPC2012 Hahahahaha! That is epic! That truly is a long haul prank! Well done. I don’t think I’m ever going to tell him, he seems to be enjoying all the attention he is getting…best to just let it be.

One of these days you’ll see him and laugh and before you know it you’ll tell him and to me that’s the best part.

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@GPC2012 haha, perhaps one day.

Oh shit, that’s too funny!!

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