Playing Diablo III cause, vacation and bored

I played all the games I got from that 5 or 10 USD pack back in January (well, for about ten minutes), finally, and none of them were my cuppa, because, even on vacation, I kinda feel the need for instant gratification (be it game mechanics or narrator/story/whatever) these days. . .not a kid with infinite time mentality anymore.

Anyway, I remembered I’ve been meaning to play Diablo III for, like, over a damn year XD, so booted that up and started a new seasonal character because, frick if I remember what that level 14 person was doing.

This is like, probably the 6 or something similar time I’ve started a new character in Diablo III, including the demo, and something has been bugging me each time – is it not just the maps that are randomly generated, but that the quests actually change (say between seasons/major updates)? Cause I swear this game is completely different each time I’ve tried to sit down and play it over the years.

If someone here actually knows Diablo III and can speak to that, cool, but mostly I’m just talking nonsense cause I’m a bit pissed (drunk) and finding it hard to fully absorb my attention. Work has rewired my brain over the decade I’ve been out of college, man – I have no attention span, value time stupidly highly and yet spend end up wasting it because I’m so concerned about spending unwisely. . nevermind the nonsense of thinking of time as the real currency in life. [the key problem there is that it turns life itself into a mere commodity, and that’s just GD depressing]

Cause, that’s how this brain works, the past few years – work, work, work, work – and when you finally don’t have to, just for a bit, obsess on . . .well, to save a long rant let’s just say “Capitalism” and politely mosey on.

That said - Immediate gratification? Dude, I do this warp kinda thing, like turning into lightning to close 3 meters to a zombie enemy, and punch them in the face. That’s intense immediate gratification.


Oddly similar to what many of us have gone through. Although your narrative is a bit more uh…polished, it boils down what us hippies always said, albeit in more simplistic terms…
Onward Through The Fog!


Always spend your free time doing something you enjoy. Video games getting drunk biking swimming hiking. You definitely don’t live to work at least most people don’t. Life is too damn short enjoy it while you have it regardless of the activity as long as you’re enjoying it.


After games get a couple-3 (Ok 11 years) years old they can be pretty cheap. Are you on Steam? For something a little slower but still pretty cool, look for a cheap Sale on Fallout3. Steam has games randomly on Sale and you can download them, but right now it’s $9.99 USD. You can easily control the pace in Fallout3 and it will easily run on a not-so-new PC


I played the heck out of that back in college n.n.


I see Fallout 76 is getting some proper hate. I’ve actually been wanting to go back and play the Fear titles, I remember enjoying those. I kind of want Rage 2 also.


Even tho it may not be on your latest computer, Steam remembers that you own it already so checking it out one more time would be a free download. Watch the YouTubes and go straight to all the best weapons etc. I replay it every couple years… hmm I may be talking myself into a re-run :smirk: