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Playing with a lightning camera app


I got this little android app which stores a bunch of images in the buffer and allows you to get some cool lightning pics

We had a bit of flash bang storm today lost power for a few hours.

The first one is a little too close to the tower that gives me my net connection (just to the left of the strike)

My closest neighbour thought the house was collapsing when this one hit

They look so epic at night here is one from a few years ago.



Strikes are definitely more scary impressive out in the country where you can see the full length of it hitting the ground



Scary and beautiful. The shots and the land. Over here, with it so overpopulated with ugly concrete and skyscrapers, when lightning hits I only pray it takes down as many hipsters in their apt buildings as possible. :pray::wink:



Forgive my ignorance but… there’s really a camera just for taking shots of lightening? Or is it just an aperture setting?



I have hundreds of pics of lightning. The best way is to point the camera in the right direction and make a video. Then dissect the video to individual frames. My camera shoots 24 frames per second so you are only limited by batteries and card size. Go pro cameras work the best i had a rig I’d set up for storms that had 4 cameras pointing north south east and west. Editing is a bitch takes lots of hours for one perfect shot. My thoughts :slight_smile:



No not to my knowledge … Just dumb luck 99% of the time



It is an android app that saves a photo every fraction of a second when you see a flash you hit the view button and it shows you all the pics in the buffer then you save the ones you want. probably should have added App to the title



Awesome shots dude!!! I would love to get some lightning shots like that. What is the name of the app if you don’t mind me asking?



Strangely enough it is called lightning camera :grin:
Good fun to play with. Have fun.



Wow! No crazy permissions either!
Nice find, and appreciate the share!