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Playing with flavor bases


More and more people are working with flavor bases but it’s still a bit confusing how to work with these in the calculator.

The thing that is easy, is when you have a recipe and want to create a one-shot / flavor base from it, but 2 other things that would be very helpful are IMO still missing.

If you have the % of a flavor base, it’s not the most obvious to make a specific amount of it unless you have the original e-liquid recipe. Like if you know
Flavor 1 - 25%
Flavor 2 - 45%
Flavor 3 - 30%
How much do you need to make 20ml of base liquid?
It’s not impossible, you can put it in as a regular recipe but it’s fiddly with the nic and PG/VG amounts you are supposed to fill in for a regular recipe.
A checkbox “one shot / base” that takes care of the basics, something like “Max VG”, would be very helpful.

When you see someone’s flavor base and want to know what it’s like, you’re not likely going to make 10ml or more of concentrate but you just want a 10ml ready to vape e-liquid.
How to adapt the base recipe into an e-liquid recipe so you can easily make a 10 or 15ml ready to vape e-liquid? Like the “Make One Shot” function, it would be helpful to have a “Make E-liquid” function.


If your doing it with your own recipe then you would just add your one shot at the original recipes total flavor %, if it’s someone else’s base you would have to find out what their original recipe total flavor % was


That’s my point. What if you find a recipe for a base somewhere else and you want to work with it on ELR, if you just have your base %?
I’m putting this in feedback because it would be a nice feature to have here. Just like you have a “make concentrate” function, something that works the other way around.


Ah I misunderstood you a little bit then. A feature would be nice, but I think all you can do right now is message the recipe creator and try to find out, if there is another way I am unaware of someone else please chime in lol


Add it as a flavor as many other oneshots is, then add the percentage to the “Preferred single flavor mix”. Then not only will you be able to see that yourself, but other people can read that in the notes.

Ah i think i misunderstood too. But wouldnt the easy solution to just be create it on ELR as private and go from there?


I’m not saying that I see no possibility to work my way around it.
If I’m given a one shot recipe, e.g. flav1 25%, flav2 15%, flav3 60%, I can calculate what I need for a 10ml tester e-liquid using the available tools… but it’s not straight forward.

E.g. if I want a 10ml e-liquid tester for a base concentrate, I’ll create a one shot recipe with the given %. Knowing that it’s used at 10%, I can make the one shot recipe for 1ml, then add it as a flavor, then create an e-liquid recipe using the flavor at 10% for 10ml.
I think it would be a lot easier and faster if the calculator could just do all that by the click of a button. I’m using easy round numbers now, but if you diverge from that, there’s a lot more calculating involved making things unnecessarily difficult while a computer has no issues with these calculations.


Click the blue wrench and scroll down to “adjust flavor %”. Then if the author recommends using the base at 6%, adjust the recipe from 100% flavor down to 6% flavor. Make sure the “max VG” box is unchecked and set any other preferences as you like them.


Thanks, that’s indeed a better way of doing things.
But now I’m still left with having to mess with PG/VG ratio, which normally isn’t an issue if you have all PG flavors… if you mix in a couple VG based flavors, it’s still a bit of an annoying process.

It would all be so much clearer if there was a proper distinction between flavor concentrates/bases/one shots and actual e-liquid recipes.