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Please Help.....Glass replacement


I am looking for replacement glass for the wotofo flow sub ohm tank. I am hoping to order from a USA based company . If anyone knows of a place or a glass that might fit from another tank i would appreciate it if you would let me know TIA


Dunno where you will find it but some other search options for you they are the same as Serpent SMM and The Viper RTA. If you have any other wotofo tanks you may try the spare glass from them


or you could buy a new one and use the spare from it >


think their cyber monday sale is still going


IF they are the same as the Serpent SMM RTA then you could go here:

VaporBeast is the only US store I would know off that carries the replacement of the flow, but they are out of stock, of course lol.

IMO I would stay away from Element Vapes for a bit, they just announced a massive data breach from last year dec2017 to around july 2018. Most of us have gotten a letter via mail, and while they saying it’s under control now, I don’t trust it. I needed to change my card 4 times in the last 6 months and it took weeks to get the money back and we’re not talking small amounts here unfortunately :frowning:

But of course that’s your decision, just letting you know.


@eStorm @woftam ty i do have a wotofo serpent mini and didnt think to try it … i also thought about buying another tank but ill need glass anyway lol , for some reason the stupoid glass ( or the peson ) keep breaking lol… i wouldnt even care except i bought two packs of coils for it with the BF sale …

Note : serpent does not fit


the latest serpent, the SMM one


Aha that one th lol


All these tanks below use the same Model Number for the glass section and are probably interchangeable. I found a replacement glass for my Boreas using this search method.

Also if you find the specs for the glass section you probably can find a replacement glass on Fasttech. They post specs for their replacement glass.

  • Brand Name:RESSAR
  • Material:Glass
  • Compatible Model:Wotofo Viper RTA Tank

* Model Number:GT0118

  • Color:Clear
  • Package:Individual Box
  • Type:Glass Tube




Google search results for Model+Number:GT0118



Ty for the help …


Maybe this will help you.
Right now I measured the sizes of the glass in my Wotofo Flow.
Outer diameter 24 mm
Inner diameter 21.6 mm
High 20.0 mm