Please HELP! Guys, I am new to DIY e-liquid. I have these flavors described below. Please recommend some good recipes

Please recommend Your recipes from following flavors.
Thank you. If you are also new to this please don’t recommend.

Here is a list:
Peanut Butter
Strawberry and Cream
Orange Cream
Banana Cream
English Toffee
Almond Amaretto
Black Currant
Mango Flavor
Raspberry Sweet
Energy Drink

Unknown: (most likely TPA)
Ice Menthol
Dr. Pepper
Whipped Cream

Gold Melon
Lemon Lime
Peach Compote

What is “some kitchen”? Is that the vanilla extract you have for cooking? If it is, well it may not be the safest for vaping.

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There are quite a few members here that are new to DIY juice.
They have spent hours/days/weeks etc. researching all of the great tools on ELR, respecting the work that not only daath has created, but all of the wonderful input from so many others, and have utilized the many tools that are available…before just asking others to do the work for them. I am sure every one is more than glad to help anyone, at anytime they can, you will see it happen all day, every day on here.

By excluding the new folks from recommendations, you will be the one who misses out. We have some GREAT mixers that are new to DIY juice, and their input is valuable to us all.
If you will use the system already in place on ELR [recipe site], you not only will be able to answer your own question (as above), but you will learn much more by doing it yourself…the way the flavors work together, etc. [as in ‘alchemy’…your handle], and where that will be the greatest benefit for you personally…is when your flavor stash grows into the hundreds.
I understand it takes time, and so many folks want everything NOW, but if you will learn what tools are available on ELR, using them is simple, and you will be greatly rewarded by using them, and avoid a lot of frustration while getting started in DIY juice.
There are always folks here to help, and are happy to do so. Please don’t segregate or deny any that want to offer their time. In time, you will also find this forum is un-like any you have been on. Yep, it’s ‘Roller Derby’, but the cleanest rink you have ever skated.
My suggestion is to go to your page [recipe side], click ‘USER’ then your “My Flavor Stash”…enter correctly all of your flavors, then click on them, one by one, and use all the tools on that page to aquaint you with that flavor. Repeat with all of your flavors, and as you get new ones, enter them and repeat.
Welcome, glad to see you here, and I hope you have a great sojourn.Holler if you have any ???'s


Welcome ! Please start by loading your flavor concentrates into your flavor stash on your board on ELR
once you’ve loaded them you can click What can I make ! This is located Under the User Tab

Once the database knows what you have flavor & vendor ( so those unknowns you’ll need to find out who they are ! ) you can use the what can I make button and it will load all the recipes that have those flavors in it !


Wow, thank you! I didn’t know about that tool.

I was thinking what if there was an app that would tell me all available recipes from what I already have. And here it is on this website. Great!


Hello! It is a German company that creates flavors.

Thank you very much for your advice. I didn’t know about this tool. :slight_smile:


Your Welcome it’s a fun tool ! Also so you don’t feel like you have to write everything down. Click on the heart of a certain recipe you like and it will be added to your favorites. To get to your favorites click the user button and then choose " my page " this will bring you back to your board then scroll down to the bottom and there will be all the recipes you’ve saved !


The most valuable information is often right here in the Forum, but you have to be setup. The info and recipes can be too much! I started a Word document to capture all the info I wanted to save and it many pages now. In a Recipe link you can click the little blue wrench and select “Copy as HTML” and then paste that into your Word doc.

You are having the same experience as many new DIY folks. Step #1 always read the FAQ. and look for forum posts from other newbs looking for answers It’s all the same advice, and as @ozo stated there’s really no shortcut …Welcome to eJuice 101!


Perfect! So convenient. I will study all the tools and utilize them correctly.) Thank you.


Which one…what is their name?

Here is another tip

Welcome to ELR!
If you go to the recipe page, sort the recipes by “Rating” it will show you the top rated recipes in order. Its a great place to find one that tickles your fancy and to find which flavors you don’t have that are commonly used. You can also visit the Resource page for some very nice information.
Don’t discount the works or advice anyone may offer you. You may miss some good stuff.

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Here is the link. Apparently it is a Russian company that buys aromas and then resells them…

I have read everything. Very helpful) Downloaded some software, bought a scale with .01 accuracy. Will mix by weight now. Learned how to steep properly.

Thank you very much for provided information.)

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Don’t discount single flavor recipes. you will find a lot of folks don’t like or think they are not sophisticated enough. When ever I get a new flavor. I will mix about 4 to 5 ml at 6% let it steep and try it after two day’s. then every 2 day’s or so after. First, it lets me know how it tastes. Then I learn how long it takes to come to fruition. Also, If 6% is too much, just right, or not enough.
After all that I “play” around with them. They are already steeped, so i start mixing some together and tasting. I have found some pretty good recipes this way, also some very unique flavors.
So I would start by mixing the flavors you have singularly. Then doing what i described above.
I think you will find the people here the most helpful, giving, and respectful folks in all of Vapedom. Good Luck in your journey. Peace Out