Salvage my 210 ml of 60\40. Disaster

Hey guys I made a blunder a few weeks ago. Nothing short of a rookie mistake… So here is my dilemma. I purchased a 25 ml grape (slightly sour) doubler thinking it was and meant double concentrate. In which I have used 13ml of it with 12ml left. :cry: so I went ahead and made a 60/40 VG pg mix. And put it into the bottles in the pic attached (the doubler is above the 5 bottles) Now I have flavors to work with to do something with it. However I thought I’d take a wee short cut and ask for a recipe suggestion which could simply salvage my juice. Here are the flavors below that I have to work with. All TAF.
1 vanilla bean gelato
2 toasted marshmallow
3 Bavarian cream
4 peaches and cream
5 caramel
6 cappacino 3ml (only)
7 vanilla custard
Arriving tomorrow …
8 banana Forster
9 blueberry extra
10 cotton candy
11 frosted doughnut
12 graham cracker
13 strawberry ripe
14 sweet cream
15 Vanilla cup
16 vanilla tobacco
What I’m trying to achieve is a smooth sweeter more full bodied and taste. I guess grape is the base but I’d like to change it.

Any recipes or simple ideas anyone? I’d be greatful for any help.

Peace. :hushed::triumph::smile:


You could add some cotton candy to sweeten it up and add some frosted donut then you’ve got jelly filled donuts. I’d put all the juice into one container and work on it that way. If the only flavor you used is the grape then your mix is about 6% for the 210 ml. I’d add about 4.2ml (2%) cotton Candy and 8.4ml (4%) frosted donut.


You could add some vanilla & cream & make a nice Purple Cow from it.
I made the recipe for it HIC posted on VU & it is pretty good.

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thanks for the suggestion. that sounds like a goer. the juice has been sitting for about a week. using those ingredients @GPC2012 how many days more would i let it sit? thanks

ty @Howard_Hughes ill take a look. mmmm… i like simple options. lovely!!

Solve this… using all or any these 5 flavours…
1.vanilla bean gelato
2.vanilla custard
3. toasted marshmallow
4. peaches n cream
5. italian cream
6. cappuccino

Thanks in advance people!! i hope this challenges someone!!
p.s i tried it in the search engine to no evail. :frowning:

I like challenges but I am unsure what you’d like us to do ? Are you wanting a recipe combining all of these flavors ? Is there a profile your going for …more fruit some cream. heavy cream light fruit , bakery heavy with some fruit & cream combinations are endless !

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your mission. Creamy … sweet … hint of fruit combination!! :open_mouth: Oh i notice you are the flavor queen.
i respectfully bow and remove my hat whilst in royal company!!


Lol that’s too funny. So if I understand you correctly you’d like the cream to be the center stage and you’d like some hints of the peach in there…now I am just wondering what is the Cappuccino going to be doing in this so called recipe? Will it be a big statement or will it be in the back ground ? I am guessing the toasted marshmallow are going to lean toward sweetening and making some sort of impact on the fruit.

Now Vendors…all these flavors are pretty suspect but I need to know who’s flavors you have…

VBG - I know is a TFA product as well as the toasted marshmallow but the rest of the gang could be anybody else but I am thinking a far majority of the rest are Capella’s will you let me know what vendors you have and also that about the cappuccino !

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I have tfa . but the italian cream and cappuccino are Aussie blue U-mix.
cappaccino in background i guess.

hope this helps your royal highness!

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Cappuccino w/ peach gelato cream

Ingredient %
(TPA) Vanilla Custard 3
Cappuccino (FA) 0.4
Italian Cream (Hangsen) 1
Peaches and Cream (TPA) 2.5
Toasted Marshmallow (TPA) 1.26
Vanilla Bean Gelato (TPA) 2.26

Flavor total: 10.41%

Remember to rate it at!

**** Now this is a stab in the dark because I was guessing your flavors ***

I have never worked w/ the Aussie blue U mix flavors…intriguing :wink: however each flavor has a " said " ratio that they fall under I don’t see those flavors in the ELR database so you will have some trial and error here trying to find their best and most satisfying ratios

I will strongly say that custards and creams take a good 3-4 weeks to steep and be enjoyable for most ppl that doesn’t mean all but just putting that out there.

You also may need to increase your percentages for those that are not common to me. The peaches and cream TFA is one I have never used…it is typically used around 6% but you said you’d like it to be slightly fruity so I kept it low , if you feel you’ll want a bit more fruit increase it to the mid way point of 3% !

This is just a test so it is private and in a view only text.


thankyou heaps for giving it the time thought and love. i now have caramel tfa and bavarian tfa that just arrived on my doorstep. would you do any replacing if you could use them? :yum:

i might just do another thread for it. :mask:

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im onto it amy!!! ill let you know how i get on!!

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Well I’d never of put the cappuccino with this one it seems odd But I am not judging it may be something you love for all I know.

I would say cappuccino Bavarian cream & the caramel make more sense together !

Like a coffee with cream !

Cappuccino ( Aussie Mix no idea the ratio ) start at 1-2% and increase
Bavarian cream TFA 1-2% ( depends on how much cream you like in your coffee )
Caramel TFA - 0.50% - a light little touch ( this is at a very small %s you can bring this Way up if you want more )

Adding a bakery type item takes at least 2 weeks steep. Since you are adding it to the mix, IMHO you need to start over again. You could speed it up with an Ultra Sonic cleaner. But time is the best solution. I seem to have some sort of sensitivity to bakery items, I have to let them sit for a month or more otherwise they all seem to have a weird flavor, but after enough time they are wonderful.

I would suggest it’s time to work on your bakery skills to see how the flavors will interact.

Like to one bottle just add some sweet cream.

Another add bavarine cream.

And so on. That way you can learn how your flavors blend and mix with each other. That way when you build a new recpie you have a better idea of what xyz flavor does when adding it to a fruit like strawberry or other.

@Wallstreet …from one newbie to another. This is the greatest DIY site of all time, so welcome. I can see how you have started off with a handicap using your key flavors not listed in the FlavorBase. Step #1 is optimally building your Flavor Stash because that’s where you get hints on “What can I make”.

Entering them is the trick, especially when it’s something like your Grape. The trick is choose the option (pops up in the menu as you type the flavor) which has the highest number of entries. Example TFA and TPA are the same but one may have twice the entries in the Flavor database leading to more “What Can I make” search results.

Or better example when adding your grape don’t focus on matching your brand (not gonna happen) just go for the highest (most popular!) grape flavor. You could even choose more than one Grape to get more recipe suggestions! On the other hand if you were adding say Caramel it would be more important to match the brand. Realize this resource was built by people just like you, so there are many newb recipes out there which are not good. Keep your recipes private and they won’t pollute someone else’s “What can I make” search.

Most important! Most of the real valuable information is right here in the Forum threads, and the Recipe Zone is just an Archive and jumping off point. Most recipes fail because of too high percentages, so always start low and work up, and most importantly that can take months if say you were into Custards. Find some easy “Shake n Vapes” to get you through while your deepest desire steeps and you perfect it.

The recipe side has powerful knowledge but read it with a skeptical filter. When looking at a recipe click individual flavors and read the info under the single flavor link “Notes” …also realizing some of those display because a newb has made their tasting “Notes” Public in their personal stash …it can get random. That can work for you in the case of GrapeX. Look at all the Grape recipes and see if something sounds tasty and take a peek at those grape single flavor “Notes”.

Keyword “filter”. There’s no substitute for lots of reading here and lots of filtering, I just thought it might help to know where all that randomness comes from. There is rarely clearcut direction using this tool …it’s more like a trail of breadcrumbs. Lastly, taste is so subjective! Someone might rave about their recipe …doesn’t mean you will like it. Try to focus on Premium eJuice flavor profiles you like and work on a couple. It’s all the info you get in the middle (!) that will propel your successful DIY.

Oh and on “Salvaging”. This is a cost basis thing. Never pour it out, just set it aside with a dated label as the flavor can change over time and YOU need that data. Taste it weekly and set it aside. It only cost a 1$ and time is money, so just start fresh. Your success will be in the ability to make your recipe again and again, worst thing is making a kick@ss juice from a salvaged juice you cannot recreate. Accuracy is everything and slight changes in flavor percentages is the key to repeat success


In the recipe side of ELR, click ‘USER’ in the tool bar (above right), click ‘My Flavor Stash’, and enter all of you flavors, and be certain to enter them correctly [the ones that you can] [Like Sweet Cream from Flavor West would be “Sweet Cream (FW)” or “Hazlenut (TPA)” etc. Once each of your flavors have been entered into your “My Flavor Stash”, you can click on each flavor, a new page will open with options for a ton of info on that flavor. Repeat with each flavor.
It takes time, but you will be rewarded with great knowledge.
And welcome, eh?


Wow 210 ml Disaster…slow down cray cray ! You gotta crawl before you can walk :wink: Here’s the skinny on DIY even pros make mistakes yet we all learn from them 1st lesson don’t make Mad Scientist free will juices they are a train wreck waiting to happen. Lesson 2 make SMALL 10 ml batches even 5 ml batches until you have a SOLID recipe that way you don’t waste you resources and time :smile:

Now that you’ve been mentally spanked Let’s Do This !!!

You have a grape base…not guna end the world we can shape the mix up…You can do a fruity mix with cream !

This is only a 10 ml batch so you can try and see if you can mix additional flavors. I have no way of working the grape in as a percentage so it is unknown my guess is around 2-3%

I put the grape at 3% but this doesn’t mean to add more it’s just there to hold the place of the pg

fruity cream

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (TPA) 1
Blueberry Extra (TPA) 4.5
Grape Juice TFA 3
Peaches and Cream (TPA) 3
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 2

Flavor total: 13.5%

Remember to rate it at!

I hope you can salvage your Grape bases !

Here is some really good reading material don’t take this the wrong way but it’s here for a reason a lot of newbies ask a lot of the same questions so we’ve complied some great DIY for newbie threads take advantage there’s some great info in these threads that will really help you and keep you from making EPIC mistakes ! Be safe !

Here’s simple easy recipes with only a few flavors per recipe !

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