Please help me figure this out

What flavor becomes crunchy after a 2 week steep. It has to be cap, tfa, flv, hs, fa or something that was around 6 or 7 years ago. Custard, cream, or a cake. Might even be a cookie. Trying to figure this out for a year and a half.


I’ve been DIYing for 4.5 years. The terminology used sometimes baffles me. I know what it means when food provides a crunchy feel. I have never, ever gotten that same feeling from any liquid and I sure as hell don’t believe that it’s going to come from a liquid that is vaporized. The human race has a predilection for self-delusion. We like to think of ourselves as rational creatures yet if we were, the human race would have stopped behaving in ways that are self-harming a long time ago. Just my humble opinion.


Hello again!
haven’t found the crunchy yet?
My money is still on a sugar cookie, that’s the only flaver that comes to mind when I hear crunchy. I mean it isn’t really “crunchy” but that is the closest I can come up with :smiley:


I thought there’d been a glitch in The Matrix when I saw this coming up again.

Next @natbone will link a yellow dog to Beelzebub.


As natbone mentioned I have never gotten a crunch from a vape but I can suggest bisquet as a flavor that can come across as crunchy. There are 4 or so flavor houses that offer that flavor. Your guess which one is as good as mine.


Some people have used Cereal 27 (Cap) for recipes like Fried Ice Cream. Others that come to mind are Captain Cereal (TPA) and Cannoli Shell (WF). They are only ‘simulated’ crunch flavors designed by flavor chemists, as pointed out above. If actual crunchy e-liquid even existed, it would not be compatible with our coils. Probably gunk up immediately.


I wonder if @Hillcountryblues is talking about the “Frito” chip taste of adding too much Joy into a mix, or whatever creates that awfulness.


Yeah some of them do… :sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl:

The FA version with breakfast cereals and Joy wasn’t a bad one…


I’ve played with 2 that give that type of flavor but texture, no. Crispy Wafer SC from Wonder Flavours and Caramel Rice Crispy Treat WF. I’ve been accenting with a light touch of Flv Caramel and/or various peanut butters and chocolates. If you’re after a Kit Kat or Twix type of vape these might get you close. I’m still messing with them so no recipe.


I used Cinnamon Crunch, Graham Cracker, and a touch of Pralines FLV to get to the Crunch in this one;


Whatever it is boosts cap vanilla Custard to where it has a different mouthfeel or texture.


Not to mention choking :rofl:


OMG someone has used Flavorah Pralines besides me! I waited for this moment.


Still playin with cap sugar cookie and percentages hoping it will Cause the base to have a different mouthfeel when it steeps.


Not sure how u get the word crunchy from a vape flavor lol.Bavarian cream gets like a nutty taste at 2% Cereal might be considered crunchy as u can taste the Grainieness to it but that’s all I can think of

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