Please Help me make a recipe with these flavours

INAWERA Milk Chocolate
CAPELLA Vanilla Bean İce Cream
CAPELLA Double Apple
CAPELLA Graham Cracker V2
TWISTED Creamy Strawberry

TFA Etil Maltol
TFA Swwetener

I do not know. Help me. thank you so much…

Have you entered all these flavors in the “my stash” section?
Go to ELR home and click on the user icon in the top right hand corner. Click on My flavor stash. This is your (empty) list of flavors. Click on the user icon again and select the flavor list. find your flavors in the list and then click on “add flavor to my stash”. Once everything is in there click on “what can i make” and you will get a list of recipes containing your flavors.
Easy peasy.


Thank you very much, but there were 2 prescriptions. :(((
Flavors in stash: 7

Capella - Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Double Apple (Cap)
etil maltol tpa
Graham Cracker v2 (Cap)
5INW Milk Chocolate
TFA Sweetener
Twisted Creamy Strawberry

For many flavors there are multiple entries in the database. I usually take the one which has the most recipes. Just search for a flavor and click on the top of the recipe column. this will sort it by the number of recipes for each flavor.

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Try this and let us know what you think!


The problem is that you picked the wrong names for your flavors. You need to pick the ones with the most recipes attached. For more tips look at the guide: - and do a few searches on the flavor list to get an idea: - it’s a bit of work, but you’ll be happy you did it :wink:

I will try to fix your stash, and you should see some more recipes.

EDIT: You should see more results now!


im sorry but these type of posts have always made me wonder WHY or how does someone end up with these flaves and only these flaves and more and more we see these type of posts ( people with 5 to 10 flaves ) saying HELP make me something lol with just those flaves dont expect too much just single flave them and find YOUR sweet spot now you have multiple different juices


We all start off somewhere in the DIY world. When I started I purchased 18 flavors and got to mixing. danisdanisman, when you order flavors try this… think of what you want to vape then break it down by tastes. What I mean is: Say you want to vape Banana Shake. Whats the first and foremost flavor you want to taste? Either Banana or Vanilla Ice Cream right? Buy those then go for the subtle notes in it like Milk or Sweet cream. Build your vape to your tastes and the world is your oyster. Good luck Sir.


Thank you )

thank you so much. I will examine.

I will try. I will convey my thoughts… Did you try?

And your handling Nicotine?? Surely you should understand what your doing right?

Maybe some more reading is needed rather than just asking for a solution to a problem that has many factors, some dangerous, some really quite simple…


your a mad scientist girl , one day i hope to have your magic touch