Please help me round out my first order

I’m looking for a little guidance before I place my first order, I am a complete novice when it comes to making DIY ejuice.
A little about myself… I started vaping almost 2 years ago to break myself of my 30 year smoking addiction, I started out with a really shitty pen type starter kit and a wide variety of flavors. I’m proud and a little surprised to say that I was able to make the switch… I live with two smokers so…the challenge is real! The mods I now use are a MVP 3 and an I Stick 30 paired with either a Kayfun mini {tobeco clone) or a Kayfun lite. I am a definite MTL person, I’ve tried direct to lung hits on a dripper and it just seems too hard on my lungs. Thus, I’ve never tried to sub-ohm as I don’t think I’d enjoy it. I make my own coils at around 1.1 to 1.8 and I don’t go much over 13 watts as a rule.
Flavor wise- The closest i’ve come to an ADV is perhaps “Frosty’s Breath” by Evaperated. Sometimes I like menthols and sometimes I do not. I do enjoy custards from time to time but I guess I am partial to fruit flavors, more realistic in flavor than candy-like. I have an aversion to honeydew melon flavors for some reason, though I enjoy the fruit to eat.It seems like most dragonfruit flavors have that honeydew flavor unless it is really the dragonfruit I don’t like!
I’m sorry for the long winded intro… here are the flavors I am thinking of…

LA Lemonade
RF Peachy Mint
Peach (Juicy) TFA

CAP Bavarian Cream
FA Mango

The company I am ordering from is “The Broke Vapor” in Canada.
I have 5 more flavors to choose to round out my starter kit.
I would be so appreciative if someone could help me not waste my money! Any and all advice will be considered!
PS. I REALLY want to add RF Blood Orange into the list but not really sure how it could fit.

Welcome to the forum, have a read through this thread :slight_smile:


If you like custards Cap Custard V1 or V2 a must,I would also get some sort of sweetener like marshmellow or sulcrose and possibly another Strawberry like Red touch to mix with the ripe

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I would get at least another strawberry. Anytime I use strawberry in anything, I always use more than one, and I have seen many others here that do the same.
You should get Marshmallow for a sweetener, or get some organic stevia powder and make a sweetener of your own (stone), and I suggest making two (stevia stone), one plain, and one to use with fruits that has added apple cider vinegar and lime juice, but get Marshmallow also.

If you like a non-candy fresh fruit, and you like juicy ripe oranges, you may enjoy this recipe. I vape it every day in rotation, and it also cleans the palate in between the 10+ other mixes I use each day. It can even be adapted into a menthol, as I do for my neighbor who is a menthol junkie. :smile_cat:

You can substitute the stevia stone with marshmallow, and you can even add a drop or two of Apple cider vinegar and a drop or two of lime juice (or lemon juice) per 30ml volume.
You can use Blood Orange along with the Juicy Orange…then add the amounts together of the Marshmallow and stevia if you don’t have stevia. You can also buy the brand PYURE liquid stevia instead of making your own, from walmart, amazon, etc. (bottle on the left in pic is PYURE, black stevita in middle is the powder you have to mix a stone)

I like sucralose drops for a sweetener, it’s flavor and versatility, and used it years ago, but stopped because I didn’t like the way it gunked up my coils.

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Wow! That recipe looks like a winner, thank you so much!

It has the creaminess like a creamsicle popsicle, but not the sugary sweetness. Instead it has the aromatics of a big fat ripe fresh navel orange, like when you are peeling it.

Since you are a Kayfun fan [ I use at least three Kayfun 5’s all day long] those are a perfect combination in how you vape and build…to use with a Provari P3…and they have had incredible sales on them lately at ProVape. I don’t know how that would calculate out for you in Canada, but for the safest PV that will outlast your lifetime, I think it’s worth a look.
Just a suggestion.

Welcome! As with anything juice related, personal taste is subjective. Since you’re going to RF anyway, I would definitely recommend their Vanilla Custard. It is REALLY good! Best of luck…you’ll have a ball doin DIY.

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The Provari P3 looks very interesting but at $279.00 in Canada, I guess I’ll be waiting until there is a significant drop in price! I ordered a Digiflavor Siren GTA MTL atomizer which has had great reviews, it’s on the slow boat from China so I may have to wait awhile but I’m really looking forward to trying it out. It’s supposed to be virtually leak-proof while providing great flavor like a Kayfun. Love my Kayfuns but not so much the leaking in my pocket aspect!

I was thinking I may be missing a custard and a vanilla…

Two flavors I wish I had known about much earlier, first Pear FA. At 6% single flavor it’s very mild which is nice sometimes. At 2-3% in a mix it adds a beautiful juicy sweetness to any kind of fruit flavor without affecting the other flavors too much. Second, Meringue by FA. This adds a moist velvety smooth texture and a little sweetness to bakery and creams. I also like it with certain fruits. Welcome to the rabbit hole, lol. There’s always going to be other flavors that you wish you’d known about sooner.


Wow, so many choices! Rabbit hole indeed!

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Your list is fine provided you have recipes you like that will utilize them all. i find that very few, if any, single flavors can stand alone on their own as a mix. In addition , very few single flavors cannot be improved upon by adding one or more enhancers.