Please help me to choose mod

Quick question Charon or Wismec Predator or maybe Joytech Evic Primo ( right now I’m using Smok stick v8, I quit smoking 4 months ago so I’m new to this topic please be kind :slight_smile: )
I would like to improve my vaping - especialy in flavour
I picked for future mod - Ammit 25 dual coil
What do you think? also thanks for the feedback

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hello there… MY personal opinion is going with Charon… .

i have seen and worked with Predator and Joytech evil Primo… and PERSONALLY i wasn’t very excited with them… Smoant at least with battlestar did very well, Charon is a Nice mod too…

just keep in mind thhat a mod is NOT helping in flavor… Mods are more about
battery life
how good they deliver the power
if they work well in TC mode (if you’re using TC/TCR) without problems
i will not go in more technical details etc… they all work nice in general though i would choose the Charon…

as for the Ammit dual, as i have said in the past, i am NOT a big fan of Geekvape, though ammit 25 with a nice build can give tonz of flavor and vapor :slight_smile:

gl and hf :slight_smile:


thank you for your answer, right now, I’m making a list of thing to buy :slight_smile:

  1. Mod Charon
  2. Ammit dual ( or you can tell me which one do you prefer I will think about it)
  3. Batteries ( which company should I trust- can you tell me about your experience?)
  4. Kendo cotton vs cotton bacon ( i watched few video on yt and I’m more convinced to bacon 2.0, what do you think?
  5. geekvape pre build coils N80 nichrome ( I will learn how to build my own coils latter when I will become more experience with this whole stuff.
    One more time i would like to thank you a lot for your help!

If I may, just a few suggestions-

  1. I find Cotton Bacon easier to work with than Kendo and it seems to me to break in quicker than Kendo.
  2. Watch some videos on different rtas to find out how easy they are to wick. Getting the wicking correct was the hardest part for me when I got away from prebuilt coil heads. Rdas are pretty easy but rtas can be a major pain for somebody just getting into rbas. I can’t speak for the Ammit but an rta like the Aromamizer Supreme or the Boreas for example are pretty fool proof while you gain experience.
  3. Sony, Samsung and Lg are the batteries to stick to. IMR is where I get mine. They are guaranteed authentics.
  4. YouTube is a great resource for all things vape related.

In the beginning thanks for your reply, it is great to get opinions from a few devs. ammit i RTA, but i watched so many videos so I think I can make it like pro :)!

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I’ve heard nothing but good about the Battlestar and now the same for the Charon. If I had to make the choice I’d go for the Charon.

I’ve got the Ammit single coil and I love it. It is very easy to build and wick.
I’ve heard the single gives a better flavour than the dual but I don’t have both so don’t take my word for it.


TBH putting juice in a saucepan on the stove and breathing in the vapour would be a better choice than a Predator IMHO


well personally i havent used any , but i know im going to buy the charon

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I haven’t tried the Charon, but I do have a battlestar. And as far as cheap mods go smoant seems to make a pretty damn good 1

  1. in the list of mods, personally i would go for charon… i have searched for it in the past didn’t found any problems with it… even though Smoant is not a famous company like Wismec, Joyetech or Eleaf or some other companies in general… never found any posts for REAL problems with their devices…

  2. serisouly the tank is something personal… my fav list rtas list are
    Pharaoh by Digiflavor (yes, i said i am not a fan of Geekvape but i love this one… while you can order the velocity deck, but even the single deck it comes by default is great too) nice flavor and vapor…
    Fumytech Navigator or Fumytech Windforce
    Govad RTA (it’s kinda like a copy of pharaoh rta without the top airflow but it’s nice for flavor and clouds too)

  3. batteries, i guess most of us would agree with LG HG2 :slight_smile: 3000Mah and 20Amps… if you think that you will go for really high Watts (like 160) i would say go for something like the LG HB6… 1500Mah but 30Amps… i would suggest you check Mooch Battery lists for real…

  4. i use both… in MY personal experience i prefer Kendo when vaping at very high Watts (100++) it seems lasting longer than cotton bacon… though it needs more juice to get wet in first time… when it’s for vaping at like 60-80 both kendo and cotton bacon work wonders. :slight_smile:

  5. never used geekvape premade coils… i just have some stools of fused claptons that i buildmyself from geekvape… though when it comes for prebuilt coils i am a fumytech kid (Tiger, Hive or Fused Claptons) in general N80 is a nice wire… heats up fast and has a nice flavor :slight_smile:

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first of all I really appreciate your help really 100 likes for you :slight_smile:
I think I already made my list:
1.Mod Charon
2. Ammit dual - I also heard about better flavour on single coils but in dual version, you have got this option to use a plug and make a single coil so its gonna be more “for future” thing
3. Batteries LG HG2 - because I’m more than sure that I will use only low voltage 35W-80W ( I can see 2 options with this model 20A or 30A which shoud I take?)
4. I will start with bacon one due to my preferences on low voltage, but in the future, I will check this gold kendo cotton as well.
5.I will start with “Big brand” geekvape stuff, I also checked Tiger coils they are cheaper so it’s definitely worth to try :slight_smile:
6. And the last thing which I discovered just a moment ago is USB charger for my batteries Vontar ZL220C - I think that i will buy this charger

I think I will try Ammit dual - I also heard about better flavour on single coils but in dual version, you have got this option to use a plug and make a single coil so its gonna be more “for future” thing but this plug ( I’m little afraid of this probably plastic material )

Oh yeah? I can prove you wrong. And have experienced people that will back me up on that.


So, friend, what do you think about my pick of Charon??

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m8… for charger the ones recommended are X-tar and Nitecore… seriously they are working great :slight_smile: Mooch is recommending them too… don’t try to save a few dollars on chargers and batteries.

the LG HG2 is brown… and it’s 3000maH at 20A … there is no LG HG2 at 30A…
on 30A you should check like LG HB5 for example… (they’re yellow) but they’re only 1500 MaH…
for the range of watts you want to use, HG2’s are great…
still at the range of watts you want to work with HG2 is the greatest choice imho…

now for the “2” you wrote…
well… i am a fun of dual coil building… i don;t even remember when was the last time i built a single coil for myself… just recomended the Pharaoh… it comes with a single deck … but with a few extra bucks you have an option to buy extra decks for velocity, postless etc… there are 5 decks in overall… :slight_smile:

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I have heard some good things about it. Seems like a solid choice for the midrange priced mods. Over the predator it is a no brainer.

If you ever want to completely change your vaping experience check out some PWM box mods.


man… if a mod delivers power correctly without losses…

let’s compare just a a mod with a regulater that works with a kinda big loss of power because of the circuit… with a dna that works with like a 3-5% power loss (because it has a better quality) yes, compared on same watts the dna on SAME watts the will give better flavor probably because it delivers MORE power in reality the first one…and i guess you can figure out the reason… the era of using low watt mods has been ended (like 20 and 30 watts)… now with mods that exceed even the 200 watts and since we vape mostly at the range of like 60-100Watts mostly just raising the watts a little will bring the same result…

in mech mods, yes i will agree with you BUT this is a matter of what they have made… like Copper works better than stainless steel (less loss) and here we go again on the power delivery loss (and how the batteries perform in general)… but in regulated mods you can just adjust the watts a lil lower or higher depending on occasion and there you are…

You are all over the place and I am having trouble keeping up.

There are quite a few people here that vape under 30w. That era is not over, nor will it ever be. The average smoker isn’t going to start on a 200w mod either. They will start with a MTL deliver low wattage.

Higher end mods will perform better be it regulated or a tube mech.

But what I was pointing out is that there are mods out there that will improve flavor and improve your vaping experience. To say a mod has nothing to do with flavor is ludicrous.


Right, so I will choose Nitecore D2 for These LG batteries.

I never go over 30w. I can understand why @Amorphia feels like the mod won’t affect the flavor so I’m not ragging on you, just maybe helping OP with a little clarity.

So the mod itself doesn’t directly affect the juice or flavor but the way the mod works with your tank or coils will so yes, indirectly it will. If the mod is shitty it’s not going to give the best result no matter how good your coils are.

For example, I have one recipe that’s a light, delicate melon with hints of kiwi at 20w but when I’m in the mood for something stronger, this same recipe at 30w is bold tart kiwi-melon with hints of peach. If my mod isn’t accurate with these fine adjustments, my recipe is going to suck half the time.

Am I getting this right @TheTinMan1 ? I haven’t slept and maybe shouldn’t be posting, lol.