Please help me translate safety on this flavor

Flavor Apprentice, Honeydew Melon: The spec sheet is very long and complex. Does this look safe for vaping?

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It contains; Ethyl acetate, Vanillin, Ethyl alcohol and Propylene glycol which you will find in all flavours AFAIK and some flavours have a few more.
The choice is yours, these four or the 4000+ in cigarettes.
Personally I wouldn’t worry about it but it is up to you.


I haven’t recorded any warnings on that:

To me it looks pretty good :slight_smile:


its one of my faves

Ethyl acetate is the only one I don’t recognize, so this looks safe?

Funny story, i never smoked sticks. I started smoking long filled hand rolled Dominicans back in the 90’s. My little boy picked up a pencil and stuck in his mouth mimicking me so I stopped smoking cigars and switched to snuff (skoal).

The same little boy now 16, kept on me about mouth cancer and suggested I switch over to vape. I’ve been vaping ever since.


There are plenty flavours with more ingredients added than this one so you’ll be fine and kudos to your boy :+1:


Where did you buy that from ?

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the honeydew ?? was purchased from BCF at one time they were the only ones carrying the original tpa honeydew , other vendors started to carry the honeydew II by tpa which was cheaper but far from the same , NR now carries the original tpa honeydew

We can also get a wholesale account from tfa which allows us to buy 4oz and larger sizes very cheaply! It’s a good deal

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i did that awhile back but the shipping was crazy with the 4oz bottles but thank you anyway

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Pulled out my TPA blueberry extra just now. The hazard sheet says “should not be inhaled”. Anyone know if this is safe?