Please help me with Nic issues?

Let me start by saying I’ve been mixing for about 2 years and now all of a sudden my mixes taste muted with an aftertaste similar to earth & cig butts? I’ve ruled out VG, PG. I have tried several different Nic vendors and have the same effect. There is no way all these nics can be a “bad batch” one of my ADV is 3rd world order’s “3rd world custard” (awesome recipe btw!!) All my mixes have this same effect now. Yes, I’ve tried ALL the nic vendors. Is there something else that can cause this or is anybody else out there struggling with finding quality nic lately? I appreciate any feedback, thank you all. Was thinking due to the increased demand for liquid nic, companies are using stems or going a cheaper rout to produce nic to keep up with the demand?? Just a thought.

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Kidding. I’ve had my fair share of minor NIC issues, and maybe can help. What brands have you tried, and more importantly HOW are you storing it ?

I like Nude NIC, and more recently @Nicotine_River’s NIC Select. Both are great. I keep ALL my NIC in the freezer, without exception. I buy bigger lots, and break it down to 60ml bottles and freeze all of them, opening only ONE for mixing and right back in the freezer. Do you do the same ? I know some people just leave their NIC sitting out at room temp, or in a cupboard, but I did not have good results when doing that. Amber glass should be a MUST IMO, and sealed tightly, as light and air causes faster oxidation which will lead to a peppery, off-tasting bunch of badness in your mixes.


My first thoughts align with what @SessionDrummer has already said so well. I also thought " I wonder how old that Cake Batter of his is ? " <<-- I had some yr old cake batter I had to throw out because it was ‘diluted’ and I got that ‘peppery’ aroma from it suddenly.


I store the nic in the freezer. Actually just ordered another cake batter from bcf. I go through the stuff pretty fast. But I’ve tried CX, VT, NRs nic-select, nude, wizards Ameri-nic. In the past i used nothing but LB’s USA nic. Can’t find a seller for that any longer? I’ve been buying 60ml or 120ml bottles because I’m afraid to spend the $ on more off tasting nic. I vape 3 mg, even tried 1.5mg, but still has that muted earthy aftertaste, so frustrating


Just a thought, having had a similar issue, is that your palate may be exhausted given so many brands dissatisfy? Does the mix without NIC taste the same? Sorry if I’m far afield. I found that fresh roasted coffee will reset the palate at times if its the case.


If you have done side by side testing of three different vendors and all are muted/earthy or other I agree with @craigtalley, maybe you are flavor fatigued…tired of one juice.

But I also wonder about mixing methodology. Are your tools spotlessly clean, are your bottles clean and not old plastic, do you truely vigorously shake your nic once it has come to room temp just prior to mixing (yes you need to do this with even nic that is pg based)?

If your methodology is perfect, and you solo tested your pg and separately your vg. Maybe your flavor inputs are old…but doubtful.

And what about your vaping devices? Coils new? Tanks are cleaned on a regular basis. Just you change your device setup?

Are you pg sensitive?

I only bring all this up because if your are slightly off, take a short cut, become too overly confident little mistakes add up. I can say that I made a few in my earlier days and they all added up to little tiny mistakes. Once I figured that I was overly confident I respected the mixing process.

As for nic inputs I have never had an issued with nic from ecx (which is unbranded nicselect) and nic select purchased from NR.

All food for thought. Hope we can help you Find a solution.

Also last thought. What about your freeze. Maybe it’s thaw/defrost feature is messing with your nic. Some freezers do warm up a bit to melt the frost. This is my last edit I swear. Time for bed. Sit-ups, arm curls, and lemon bed time drink are done. Now I brush my teeth.


Not USA Brand by any chance? Just curious, I know you said you’ve tried a few.

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An odd question but it may be significant. Are you using a tank or RDA? Particularly a tank that has ceramic in it or an OBS Engine?

The reason I ask is because I have had flavor issues pop up in the past with RTAs and a drastic flavor change. No issues with RDAs though.


To me it sound more like a case of vapours tongue / olfactory fatigue than bad nicotine. Especially this:

is a clear sign of vapours tongue!

What happens is that when we constantly smell or taste the same day after day, our brain will think that it is a background smell that is suppose to be there and start filtering out the smell/taste, similar to how we don’t smell our own body odour, or grow insensitive to a deodorant or perfume we use often.

Switching flavours frequently can reduce the risk of it happening, but not completely prevent it, and it will often only affect certain flavours, but in worse case it can affect all vape!

If it is indeed vapours tongue, the only reliable cure is … time :frowning: Either vape only unflavoured juice or completely stop vaping for x amount of weeks. There are however also a number of tricks that will often, but not always work, and kind of reset our senses. They usually involve vaping/eating/smelling something with a very strong flavour, personally I have been able to cure a mild case of VT by simply vaping a tankful of a strong menthol mix, and I know others have had success using some coffee beans.

For you I hope that it isn’t VT, or that you will be able to recover fast.


Rda, straight dripper bud


They no longer stock it, I’ve emailed them to see if they were bringing it back in, but they said not at the moment. Thanks though

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I thank you all for your input and truly appreciate the suggestions and feedback.


Chrispdx, curious what straight pg tastes like. To me it is slightly bitter, others say it’s suppose to be sweet?? Really can’t find a clear answer. I’ll try mixing max by & see how it goes.

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I’ve never done straight pg due to my sensitivity. Vaping just 60vg/40pg kills my throat. Vg though is slightly sweet to me.

Can anyone clue me in on what pg tastes like ? I have 3 different bottles and a drop on The finger to the tongue Tastes very bitter to me. I Cannot find a clear answer online or in the forum. Some say its suppose to taste sweet?? I have 3 different vendor bottles & All Taste bitter To me?? Wondering if this could be a cause to my mixing issues ?? Thanks again all.

Pg is a little bitter while vg has a sweetness to it. Palm derived vg is a little sweeter than soy rapeseed. Hope that helps you out some

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Thank you, Wikipedia says oderless, tasteless. ? So I’m trippin as to why my mixes have been nasty lately.

Always hard to track things down when suddenly they go south.

I would start with testing each component individually (sf testing on flavours)
If i didn’t find and answer I would be going to equipement (make sure bottles are clean and dry before use etc).
If you have changed anything of late I would maybe start there.

All of which has been previously mentioned.

It will take some patience but by process of elimination you will find your answer eventually.

Good luck