Please help me with this Nic-Salts flavor :(


Tasty mango with cream


Hello, if you are seeing this, it is probably because I linked you from another forum for some help. I am trying to create a tasty DIY Nicotine Salts E-juice. I will be using Bavarian Cream and Sweet Mango. I am completely new to Nicotine Salts and I am in desperate need of a veteran. I know enough about nicotine salts vs Free base nic, but I am still unfamiliar with the specifics in the chemistry and how the reactions work.

First off, Do i need other ingredients than what I have (such as benzoic Acid), and how do I apply them

What strength nicotine should I get (i.e 48mg/mL 60mg/mL 100mg/mL). I was going to get 100

I am trying to make this a 60nic juice (60%)
The juice will be used to refill Pod Mod Low Wattage devices. Thanks for all the help guys!


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Firstly 60% nic is 600mg so lets change that to 6% which is 60mg (which is i think what you want for your pods).

Nic salts are used exactly the same as freebase nic you do not need any other ingredients.


I really don’t know much at all about nicotine salts, but just fyi… 60 mg in your finished juice equals 6%, not 60%. :wink:

Edit: Woftam beat me to it!


Sorry, i meant to say 60 as the targeted strength of mg/mL.

Also, if anyone knows, why is benzoic acid sometimes used in high nicotine juices, pros/cons, amounts, ?

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Benzoic acid is what is added to the freebase nic to turn it to a nic salt.

A 20% solution of benzoic acid (by weight in pg) added to freebase nic at around .375% per mg of nic. But if you buy nic salts it is not necessary.