Please help Vaping is making me So Sleepy

I cany figure this out.
The more I Vape the sleepier I get.
I’ve tried super loading with water (hydrating) and lowering nicotine levels in hopes that I could figure this out.

I smoked 3 packs of full flavor cigarettes a day.
Switching to vaping allows me to reduce smoking greatly and I can see the 100% ability to quit smoking.

My issue is that I Vape excessively and after a couple hours I get super sleepy I mean can’t fight off the drowsiness.
Any ideas, I’ve read several long post online where others have had this issue,problem is no one comes back to the thread to explain what change they made to fix the extreme drowsiness tgey have from vaping.

Does it sound possible that I’m simply reducing nicotine to much and as a result getting sleepy?
I never get dizzy of the hiccups like I have long ago when getting to much nicotine, I just can’t solve this riddle.

I’ve tried 12mg & now am trying 6mg in the event I’m having to much nicotine and it’s making me sleepy.

Only thingng I haven’t tried is huge amounts of nicotine.
This sleeping issue is gonna lead me to just give up if I can’t figure what I’m doing that’s causing this issue.
I’m drinking 4-6 liters of water a day & its not dehydration.
I’ve lowered the nicotine to 6mg, still nothing changed.
My vitamin levels have all been checked,again nothing seems to help.

After a couple hours I start to get to the point I’m smoking a cigarette trying to stay awake if that makes sence.
Any suggestions/ ideas please helpabrother out.


Have you by any chance had a blood test for diabetes?
Your vitamin levels won’t tell you if you have it or not, you would have to have a test specifically for it…No need to answer me but something to possibly look into.


Not in a while I haven’t.
I have a brain herniation & most of all testing done for/on me is for surgery consideration in the near future.
However the falling asleep doesn’t happen unless I’m vaping.
If I wake up and smoke like normal I don’t seem to have this issue, if I wake up and start vaping it’s like I never seem to wake up & I just start getting sleepy instead.
Smoking doesn’t do this, and I’ve tried many variations of things I’ve read to try to remedy this issue.
The only thing I’ve not tryed is excessive amounts of nicotine.


I experienced the same problem when I quit and began to vape.
I certainly can’t say that this is the answer but do know in my case it seemed, because I smoked a lot that the nicotine helped my energy level.
I was found to have Type 2 which can be controlled.
Just a suggestion to look into…its possible, I would believe that one might not actually have crossed the line over to diabetes but can be on the border but the sleepiness was a sign for me.

They can take a blood test to see if your blood sugar is elevated and if so, then they do a second test, where you have your blood taken, drink a bottle of some liquid and then they take ur blood again about 2 hours later and that will give you the yes or no answer.
If you are close to middle age and were a smoker, there’s a good chance your lifestyle was not the healthiest for one or many reasons. If you are overweight that too can add to it but it’s not a given for i am not but had it anyhow.
In any event, I am not a doctor so you would be best asking your what he/she thinks. Beyond that I personally couldn’t imagine what else would make you tired?

When one quits though, besides the lungs clearing up, all sorts of other things happen that you don’t expect.
Let me give you an example.
I have rare bouts of vertigo. Rare because I know what triggers the few I did have, and that is sleeping on my left hand side at night. I started to sleep ONLY on my back but that can encourage sleep apnea. When that was first mentioned to me, I laughed. I wasn’t overweight and as far as I knew, I slept like a baby.
Didn’t notice any difference at first when I began to use the mask but after 2-3 months, once I had really caught up and was sleeping perfectly again, I noticed how awful I felt in the morning if I did not sleep with it.
So, I did not sleep without it and came to love this mask. Still do.
BUT…I noticed in May and September, throughout the two months, where I live it’s hay fever season.
Every night in those two months, I would fall asleep and within 45-60 minutes, while deep in sleep, I would become stuffed up and would rip the mask off of my head, sleep through the night and felt awful the next day. Assumed I had hay fever and tried every trick in the book to alleviate the stuffiness but none worked.
Long story short, as soon as I stopped smoking and began to vape, the stuffiness went away and the next May and September, I dreaded, believing I would feel awful daily after ripping the mask off nightly but I never did. To this day I have never been stuffed up again, nor ripped the mask off and sleep better than I have my whole life now. But I promise you that I really did think I slept better than most.
In any event, the nose stuffiness was not hay fever but allergies to one chemical or another in the cigarettes.

Point? You never know what you will discover. Once you quit all sorts of minor annoyances go away but one never realizes at the time they are caused by smoking.
I would speak to your doctor. Diabetes or not, you should not be tired otherwise, unless there is something else going on.
Whatever it is, it won’t be bad. Diabetes is manageable. It takes just a bit more work but you will be healthier with diabetes than you will without, as a smoker IF of course that was what you had. It could be anything.

You need to see your doctor and find out what’s creating this sleepiness you are now discovering,


It could possibly be a form of withdrawal from some chemicals in the cigarettes, for all I know. If it were, with your going back and forth between not smoking, and smoking again, that wouldn’t be helping you. You could quit and take up vaping 100% and soon discover you feel better than you ever have.
The point is, I am not a doctor, but it’s important you find the way to quit smoking fully and without it, you may go back to cigarettes and that would be a huge shame.

Good Luck but check it out!!!


Gone this route before. Try unflavored VG no nicotine with just enough water so it will wick. The unflavored is a little sweet so don’t worry how it’s going to taste. See if that solves the problem, if it does then your sensitive to one or more or the components you are vaping. Next try unflavored PG/VG with no nicotine at the ratio you normally vape. If the problem comes back you have your answer, your sensitive to PG. You can try adjusting you ratio’s so you have max VG to see if it helps, for most people that works. However, if you remain symptom free with the unflavored, take the next step & add your nicotine. The next step if you really want to pursue this could take a while because now you have to eliminate flavors. The only way you’re going to find out is to systematically break it down to the basic components and test each one separately.
I’m sure your doctor has done an A1-C test as you’re scheduled for surgery, however, don’t take it for granted that it’s been done, ASK, it’s important.


Diabetes was my first thought too but it could be because I recently was found to be pre diabetic. And while vaping certainly seems the cause the problem to you, stopping smoking does indeed bring certain changes to your body so you can’t say for sure its mere coincidence. You could have any of a number of things causing drowsiness from sleep apnea to blood sugar to something far worse. My advice is don’t self diagnose…go get a checkup.


Thanks for the replys, I’d not thought of diabetes as a possible culprit.

It’s odd to me I can wake and smoke all day and not have the extreme fatigue .

Wake up vaping and I’m going to sleep most of the time, between this issue and chemical reactions on my mouth from switching to vaping it’s discouraging.


I had been a pack a day smoker for 40 years when I started vaping. My body gave me hell for the first 6 months but I stayed with it, been tobacco free for 20 months now.


You know, cigs are not only a physiological addiction but also a psychological one as well. Perhaps your sleepiness is your brain’s way of dealing with a craving it really wants? It may be a type of depression and sleep is a way to push it aside. It would explain why the analog cigs can make you subconsciously “happy” and alert. Just a thought.


@Lostmarbles is on to what I am thinking as well. Not only am I thinking depression but possibly low dopamine levels which are followed by horrible sleepliness, mood swings, depression, attention deficits. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that typically in non-smokers is released during " feel good times or panic " hence the Fight or flight theory. Dopamine receptors are destroyed in the act of smoking, eventually you will need nicotine in order to release these. Since you’ve been trying to switch up your nic levels and your still fighting the good fight with the stinkies I personally think it’s that battle that’s going on in your body.

While getting a Hbg A1c test is absoulutely a great idea as well. It can not be cheated and is a definitive in diagnosing diabetes. Since blood cells are regenerated approx. every 3 months, " sugar -dextrose " clings on to the RBC and since it’s sticky binds to it. Once you get your labs drawn it will show your daily intake of sugar and how your body handle metabolizing it. So, it may behoove you to call your Dr. and see if you could get a lab order for both as well as anything else they may consider to rule out this increase in sleepiness. Good luck you have gone this far I’d hate to see you return to stinkies and let them win.


Thanks once again to all you guys suggestions.
I have many health issues and I’m sure any of them could effect this sleeping way to much issue I have.

I’ll get lab work done and see what’s up with that.

So many things have happened in my day to day life that depression I imagine could very well cause many of the issues I’ve had lately.

The thing that strikes me so odd, is I enjoy vaping,the smoking issues I have are frigging habit related.
But when I had to ‘not Vape’ because I’m afraid I’ll miss an appointment because it makes me fall asleep & so drowsy,I’ve had to take potent tranquilizers through life & vaping makes me more sleepy than they did.

Just seems so odd and once again thanks for the help and suggestions.

@daath thanks for editing that part of my post, I can never understand what I’m doing that’s causes that issue.


It’s because of the spaces :smile:

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Ok thanks man, ill stop that spacing issue



Nicotine is a stimulant so if you drastically lower your intake it could very well make you drowsy.


Ya know this is what makes the most logical sence to me.
I’m gonna test a higher amount of nicotine aswell.
Thanks for your comment


BTW @Amy is our family nurse… :wink:


Just make sure you’re aware of how it makes you feel. Too much nic can be a bad thing as well. Maybe @Amy2 can educate us on what the symptoms of too high a nic content are.


Headache, dizziness, tingling. If you’ve ever had too much caffeine, it feels sort of the same…


what about heart rate? I heard it can really get it going.