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Just wonder and please excuse my ignorance about the subject.

Being from Australia, our government has made it illegal to sell Nicotine based E-Liquid. My question to all that could possible help, if i was to make up a 300 ml of any flavour (50/50 PG/VG) and allow it to steep for 2 weeks or so and then add the Nicotine, would this have an adverse effect on the taste of the final product.

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No provided when you add the nic you make sure it is preoperly stirred or you may get hot spots (pockets of very strong nic- which could be dangerous.

This is very inportant to aussies of course the tga may rule in favour of nic but I don’t think it is head that way who knows.


Thanks for the info, I have a magnetic stirrer which should break up any hot spots. Again please ignore my ignorance, you mention the TGA… who are they…

Just Googled them, so all good. I was under the impression that it was the health department that made that call!!!

Being in AU, you guys have decent weather for growing tobacco. You can extract your own nic if all else fails. There is lots of info in the forums here

Another here

And here

There are more if you keep looking around.

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Ya i would if the tax on tobacco wasn’t about 60% an it is illegal to grow tobacco without a gov license - they have ya by the nuts always. I have 3 lt of 200mg and 3 lt of 100mg I should be fine for a little bit lol. Bottles filled to the absolute brim then put into vacuum sealed bags in the freezer.


They gonna come to your house and dig around a garden for a tobacco plant?

Probably lmao. They fly over all the time in the chopper looking for dope. Getting the seed is the hardest part.

You might check out these guys. :grinning:

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curious as to how long this will last you? maybe an estimate

Here’s a handy little calculator to help you out… :wink:

Go buy a pack of cigs and plant those :laughing:

I will make 300 lt so it should last for quite awhile - unless i use a smok tvf8 then it will last a week lmao


The fine for importing seeds is massive (like A$66,000 massive) we have pretty strict border control on bio stuff. Coupled with that you would also fall foul of the law below. Which may get you 85k in fines + 5 times the duty that would have been payable on the leaf (60 % of the value) plus a possible 2yr in the bin think I would probably give up the nic lol


A person who does not hold a producer licence must not intentionally produce material that is tobacco seed, tobacco plant or tobacco leaf knowing, or being reckless as to whether, the material is tobacco seed, tobacco plant or tobacco leaf.


(a) for tobacco seed or tobacco plant-2 years imprisonment or 500 penalty units; and
(b) for tobacco leaf-2 years imprisonment or the greater of:
(i) 500 penalty units; and
(ii) 5 times the amount of duty, worked out under the regulations, being the duty that would be payable if the tobacco leaf had been manufactured into excisable goods and entered for home consumption on the penalty day.
Note: See section 4AA of the Crimes Act 1914 for the current value of a penalty unit.

That’s how I make my juice. I mix directly into 50 ml bottles, then use a small stick mixer/frother to blend my juice. Since this method introduces a fair amount of air into my juice, I allow the juice to “rest” for about 24-48 hours and allow the air to dissipate from the juice. Once the juice is clear, I then add my nicotine and give it a good shake.

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Holy Restrictions Batman! :flushed: