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I’m new to mixing and I’m a little confused on how to determine the amount of extract (5/10%) to use. Could someone please she’d a little light on this for me?

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Let’s start by asking, with what flavors you are currently working? and are you using the ELR mixing calculator?

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Well. I ordered a DIY kit from liquid barn. So I’m using the extracts I received from them. I’m currently using the elr calc and I have an app on my phone called just confused as to how you would determine the amount of flavor to use

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It’s going to be different for different brands and flavors. Without help from people who already have done trial and error or a manufacturer recommended percentage it’s a guessing game. BUT if you look the flavor up in this site’s database you’ll see an average of users’ prefered single flavor percentage. For example Bavarian Cream (TPA) lists:

Single flavor recommendations: 48
Average quantity: 7.2% (Median: 7.0%)
Minimum used quantity: 2.0%
Maximum used quantity: 20.0%

So some silly people have thrown the curve a bit by entering 2% and 20% but you can see on average people like about 7% with this flavor. If you look down in the notes, sometimes people will have listed if the manufacturer has a recommended starting percentage too.

You should probably make a single flavor test at that percentage to make sure that you don’t want it stronger or weaker, but that should give you a really good idea where to start.

The “Percentages in recipes” column is an average of how much people are using when mixing more than 1 flavor into a recipe which is useful because sometimes you expect two flavors to mix together equally but one will just be way more dominant than the others.


Sadly, we don’t have a lot of info on Liquid Barn here, but somethign is better than nothing:

edit: also check this out:

so they say to keep your total flavor under 30% - seems a bit high to me, but maybe their flavors are less concentrated than what i usually use. if you mix something up and you have a ton of flavoring in it, but can’t taste anything, it is a strange but true fact that too much flavoring actually overwhelms your taste buds making it where you can’t taste anything! so do watch out for that.


@twiztidfreek, @zigz has you on the path to success! :wink:

There’s a lot of dupes - I think Liquid Barn is mainly (LB):

It needs to be cleaned up though…

what is the best sweetener to use .most of the
flavors out there aren’t sweet enough for me can i
use sucralose,or something from the market or can I get something really concentrated from a vendor.

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Might be some help here: :wink:

in before @ringling tells you to use TFA Marshmallow :wink:

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I must say, marshmallow is good for a sweetener, but for some reason I cannot stand TFA’s. I use CAP’s religiously though, kinda like you and your TPA :grinning:

I do not use TFA Marshmallow. Not sure why you thought I did. I use FW brand…

@ringling, assumptions are not our friends I reckon then lol.

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My bad, I thought you used TPA MM.

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