Please, please help!

Hi there,

First of all thank you for reading this, I am going out of my f*cking mind trying to make a sour green apple profile. Ever since I started mixing, about a year ago I have been searching and searching for a specific sour green apple profile along the line of bazooka sour straws, green apple slush etc. I have found plenty of ways of achieving fresh red and green apples, even certain candies. Just never that super vibrant sour green apple profile I’m looking for, I cannot find any recipes online (and trust me I have been searching a trying any and all) if anyone could even point me towards the right concentrate to get going with I’d be so grateful!

Thanks, Roid


All Flavorah

.6% Sour Apple
1.2% Green Apple
.6% Pear
.12% Pucker

Let it sit for 2-3 days

or you could try this one… :slight_smile:


Ah thanks man I will deffo try that out, haven’t really dabbled in flavorahs apples yet there’s always been so much hype around FA/ CAP but flavorah do some incredible flavours!