Please read this and think about it pass it on to all

I have a favor to as of all my vaping brothers and sisters.
I’ve been watching the news and for quite a while the statement
Black Lives Matter keeps popping up. I would like to say and I ask that
you read the rest of this before you condemn and despise me. The statement
Black Lives Matter is incorrect and we as a country will not ever Prevail over the Terrorists both domestic and in all the foreign lands until we as a people realize that:
ALL LIVES MATTER Black, white, Red, Yellow and every other color in the rainbow matter.
We all matter and all put forth our part to make this country great. We must get past the narrow mindedness of Black Lives Matter. Being in the small town that I am I don’t have to deal with this issue but seeing it all over our country and around the world just breaks my heart when somebody ignores the bulk of society to try and repair a problem that affects all of us.
In closing I would like to say, We all matter, and have something to contribute to betterment of our world. If we don’t see this we will perish.

Please relay this message any and everwhere you can


The irony in it all is that it all stems from self-segregation.

The injustice of what happened in (and prior to) the 60’s is more than obvious, so why any group (I don’t give two shits about what color you are, or what religion you follow) would choose to segregate themselves is beyond me.

If you’re a “special flower” then take pride in it, and allow everyone to admire the beauty of the fact when they run across it. It speaks for itself to anyone with an ounce of intelligence, and you can’t convince the fools in the world otherwise.


Beep bop boop.

It’s got me thinking. I mix my recipies from all vendors of the world. Cap FA INW mf.

Hmmm. Thinking more. With Pokemon go. You totally gotta catch all the flavors.

Welp, big gulps son.
Peace out bean sprout.


Damn, Brother, wish you had caught me sooner,…I am tapped out at the moment for donations.

Just kidding,…but I have spent weeks[months] finding homes for my animals…lives that matter.
Some are gray, brown, black, red, some have red stripes, some are iridescent, but EVERY one of their lives matters to me. I have spent more to re-home them than I have to live on in my personal account.
Critters don’t count…to some folks…but we could/should learn so much just watching them.
What life doesn’t matter?


Brilliant…absolutely brilliant. Thank you @ozo could not have said it any better. :innocent:


I think one of the things that has made this forum my favorite get away spot is the fact we have a common interest that binds us. Our passion for vaping and DIY brings us together. And while there is no doubt whatsoever that our differences could well divide us, that common ground we have, if we stay focused on it, will always be the glue that keeps our family together.

In the US - we are a hurting people. And honestly, it does do some good when you’re able to talk about that pain with other like-minded individuals. However, the overwhelming possibility is that if we started down this road trying to have an open dialog about these sensitive subjects, we would end up like so many other forums and be just another place people hang out and bicker and moan.

I’m not trying to silence you, rather shed some light as I see it. The internet is full of venues to have these kinds of discussions. I would just beg and plead our family here on ELR to consider the love we share with this group and to focus on everything except those touchy subjects that all too often divide us. Please.

If you want to have a one on one discussion I am willing to do that in a private thread. Hell we can even have many people on it. But just think it’s best kept private.



I’m not saying you’re right or wrong. But just think about it like this:

If you went to the hospital with a hurt arm, but they insisted on x-raying all your bones and not just the hurt arm, you’d be suspicious, right?

Anyway, take it or leave it. I think most people have their minds made up already.


I agree 100%

Its frustrating and heartbreaking to see this on TV and I think he felt this was a safe place to vent because of the one thing everyone here has in common.

If that one thing (diy vaping) is enough to make each other come together in solidarity imagine what we could do as a country if that one thing was actually something important.

Hate isn’t natural I don’t believe, so it’s something you have to put effort into whereas love is natural and you need not do anything to to feel or give it.

Love your fellow man and vape on


A big Amen to that my friend, this is not the place. Please keep politics out of here, there are plenty of other sites this stuff can be talked about and they always end in insults from everybody involved in the discussion. This is not the place for that. I’m sure we all have our views on this subject and I for one could passionately defend my view but it won’t add anything to this forum, just take away from it. This is a slippery slope that we should avoid at all cost.


I wholly agree one of our Chihuahuas I swear is autistic, we kept her because we knew if anyone took her there was a chance they’d have her put down or just dump her at a shelter. We believe they all have the right to live just like we do. I’d offer to take one of yours but we have 4 chi’s and that’s two more than we are supposed to have according to our lease. but they all look similar so nobody pays us much attention.


Hey I’m just trying to say we all matter and if we could all realize this we would be better off for it.


Not erasing black but replacing it with ALL. Because we all matter. I don’t want to leave anyone out ever.

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As an outsider looking in, I’m Canadian, I can’t really pick a side.

I understand the BLM movement, and their frustration with the instances of police brutality. From what I can see there has been a huge failure on the part of the government with low income housing “projects”. The long term effect of those programs has been large gatherings of people living in poverty. Crime rates are higher in places with a higher poverty rate. I can imagine growing up in an area like this, and seeing police around constantly. Unfortunately there will be encounters with police that end badly.

That being said, the fact is that its not only blacks that deal with police brutality. In fact according to the FBI there are more whites killed by police than there are blacks. Cops have an extremely difficult job. Pick either side and you are morally justified, and vilified by the other.

Now I can understand both sides… but more importantly, can anyone help me find the right watermelon to make a watermelon jolly rancher?


Hope I didn’t ruffle any feathers. I was trying to say we all matter color or anything else should have nothing to do with it. I wasn’t really trying to be political or anything just tryin to be CARING