PLEASE send your broken mod to me!

I realize that this is “trades”, but given that we often have generous souls donate/PIF with flavors etc here, I thought I would place this request here.

Please feel free to send your broken mods to me! =D

I just HATE the thought of any mod going to landfill, when I would happily do tear downs on them all day long, if for no other reason than to see construction, materials, etc. Never mind the obvious hopes of fixing them, or scavenging parts, etc.

Thanks for thinking about it, and feel free to hit me up with any questions!

EDIT: 10-26-2017
If you PM me, please include “broken mod” (ELR username) in the subject line, so that it’s easier for me to track my/your PM’s!!

Also, no need to use Priority mail (or other such) as we are dealing with the “deceased” here after all! They’re in no hurry, nor am I! :wink:

And last thing I feel the urge to note (given my current circumstances) if you need help with shipping, or it’s an “expensive mod” that you aren’t sure you want to simply donate, please contact me prior to sending… I’ll be happy to assist when, and as my situation permits!! But please inquire first!

We already have our first success story (and on the first shipment! :surprise:), and though I’m proud (and happy for such) that’s not always going to be the case! But I wanted to say, Thank you! For all the love and support so far in kicking off my little endeavor! And again, Thank you in advance for those only reading it, but considering it! It means alot! /edit


And all the working ones to me! :wink:

So far i havent had a single mod crap out on me, a couple have wonky buttons but for the most part they are all in working order. Good luck and if you get some to fix up please share some pics.


I know alot of good mods are being neglected whether it being knowledge, no how, or time, id love to get 2nd on that list bud!


Well, if I knew what kind of buttons, I’d say send it to me! There’s already a strong chance of me having them from doing all the car stereo/home stereo service (and keeping parts on hand). Most of what little I’ve already been in seem to use the same little surface mount tactile buttons, and I can do those with little to no problem (depending on board topography).

Pics I already had planned on… :wink: grins


Great idea sparky!


Thanks! In an ideal post, I’d mention that I’d really like to do repairs for folks with the intent of getting any that are repairable back to the original owner for a reasonable rate… But given that might make me a “manufacturer” under current legal interpretations… I cannot say that. :roll_eyes:


How about you pay for shipping and I’ll send you my graveyard, including a hexohm v2.1 (technically you won’t have to fix it as they have lifetime warranty, but I just don’t like the 30 bucks shipping that I have to pay for it)


Give Rob your tired, your poor, Your broken mods yearning to vape free.



I’ll pm you shortly!
And thanks for the kind offer! :thumbsup:


Do you have the paperwork for it? the hexohm?

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Brilliant Idea, I do the exact same thing. Never thought to ask the community.

Anywho, I need a battery tray for a IPV 4s if you have one maybe we can work something out. Either a trade or $$$ or I would send mine for you to fix, for a fee of course.

Great idea bro.

p.s. I have lots of parts also so if you are looking for something let me know.

WOW!!! just F ing WOW. I have had only 3 not crap out on me and one of them I built myself.


Well, I’ve been thinking about it for a looooong time, but didn’t know how it’d be received for starters. And then, I recently had to replace a switch on my Cuboid, and I was able to do it, but only because @VapeyMama was kind enough to send me a couple pieces of “trash” last year.

I had hoped to fix one of the two, and get back one working device between the two groups of parts. Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way. As the one that had potential to fix, turned out to be demolished due to eliquid getting in and cooking the board/chip(s). That was the TC40 Istick. The other (IIRC) was an ego one, which I learned was a press-fit (using compression tools I imagine) POS that obviously wasn’t intended to be serviced. The compression is so tight on those (or at least hers was) that in order to replace the battery (which seems to be all that was wrong) the tube would have to have been practically destroyed to get to the heart of the matter. :frowning:

If I had one, it’d be yours man. You should *know that… * (but kind of you all the same)!

Hopefully someone reading here may be able to help you out! :wink:


Right on Bro and " I do know that " :v::sunglasses:

Your idea is Brilliant though. Kind of like a junkyard for Mods.

Now I have more than a few broken mods that I believe the Chips are still good. I also, have battery sleighs and enclosures. I am sure I can put a board from a broken mod into an enclosure. I bet you could do the same. If you are interested I can send you a few parts to try out. ie. an enclosure some wire a battery tray perhaps.

Anywho, if interested pm me.


@Sprkslfly i got an alien that was used for about a month or less that crapped out. Want it?
I also have an alien that was used for a year…the 510 pin is wiggly…junked that as well…want them? I would love to rid my closet of defective aliens!


Hell yes.

I mean I am sure HE does want them. :grin:

@Sprkslfly I am so jealous of your idea!!!


Yup, me too


I think it might cost too much for me to send you the 2 I have, PM me your city and I’ll take a look??

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I’d be more than happy to do an alien autopsy! But two? Inconceivable*!! :rofl:

*/I do not think that word means what you think it means… :grin:

Thank you!


I have my Istick 100w TC that I can’t use after it started autofiring. I’m not gonna name names, but someone used it and got juice all down in its innards. I believe it’s the more inner button that is malfunctioning as I have already taken it apart and cleaned everything including the button and couldn’t fix it. Damn, I loved that thing so much. Since it was parallel my 30q’s lasted so long on it. :pensive: But if you can find it a home for someone who needs it, I would be happy.

PS My husband did it.


I would be happy to have it as a parts unit!

While it’s possible that the button could yet be to blame, more than likely it’s that something got shorted on the board and has effectively rendered it “locked in a firing state”. There’s always a chance though, as you really never know for sure (even as a tech) until you get fully into it. I’ve seen some of the most bizarre causes in reality, that in 95% of the cases are simple explainable causes/fixes. (Incidentally, one of the things I love about electronics!) Long story short, usually once the damage is done, it’s done*. =(

Anyways, yes, I’d be happy to have a look! :grinning:

*edit: from the end-user standpoint that is.
(Just reread and noticed clarification would help)