Please show me good recipes

Please show me good recipes.

My definition of “potentially good” = 5 or 4 star ratings by 10 or more people. A 5 star rating by just the creator or maybe a couple of friends is worthless.

Filter by number of flavors. Recipies with >X flavors are of little or no value to me. My #flavors threshold is 5. Others may be more or less.

Let me see only newer recipies. Many old ones are good, of course, but many old ones have odd ball flavors that are no longer available. I’d really like to see the “good” recipies created in the last year.

I’ve tried using the few undocumented URL tags and can’t find a way to achieve this. Maybe there are some I don’t know about. The “&fcount=x” tag is handy, but I have to run it once for 5, again for 4, etc. Tried “&fcount<5” but that does not work. But why should I even have to fiddle with the URL?

So make me a simple 4 part filter that says:

A. Rating = minimum of X stars.
B. RateCount = >Y
C. Flavors = between X and Y (example: 2 and 6)
D. Date = newer than mo/da/yr. (or between two dates).

You’re right, why would you have to put effort into mixing.

Would you like some of us users to come by and mix you outstanding and unique recipes, free of charge of course?

All you would have to do is shake the bottle, but maybe we can even hire someone for that.


There are many good even great recipes that wont ever have that many comments by others , because the mixer may not,have a following or whatever , what you can do is start mixing some of your own recipes then you wont need anyone’s opinion except your own


Do you want us to vape it for you too?


Here’s a Start.

Even Better
You can try to win some of the flavors here.


Hmmm. I find good recpies all the time.

But I find it helps to read the forums, which I have see you have done some reading.

It helps to dig in. Meaning that I kind of open the the lid on the recpie side, often searching by flavor then by recpies with that one flavor to see how people are mixing with it. Then I just sort of go about my way with building mixes that fit my tastes.

More often than not I have to stop building recpies because I don’t need to mix that much…then again some might think I’m crazy for mixing 15-25 recpies every two weeks.


I think this is a request for a new refined search feature. He’s not asking for us to go find recipes.


That is how I was reading it also… they are looking to see if there was a way of doing a calculated search instead of just a listing and redefining the list sort.


Thank you, Plunderdrum, for showing a level of comprehension that is apparently unique in this community.


Yes that’s what I read, but it wasn’t articulated well at all.


Apparently unique in this community? Really?
Your initial post most definitely carries a demanding-like tone to it. The replies you got are not unexpected. Maybe proof read your messages next time before you post because the subsequent judgmental reply isn’t going to fly!!


I would very much like to see this feature implemented. Sign me up!

Yours truly,
Lazy Ass Mixer aka TinMan


Saw the op earlier and avoided it like the plague


My most humble apologies. Everyone here is great, special, and deserving of the highest praise. A really first class group. Being an old guy, I just recently learned the new urban definition of “Snowflake.” I asked Ben Shapiro for advice and he gave me some. Hope it works.

Here’s what I meant to say. User enters the red data.

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Tho we’ve dreamed about the myth of the Wicking Gimp who travels about from member to member doing each one’s tedious dirty work for them, that is lazy. :laughing:


Next thing they’ll want… is only list recipes with flavors they have in their stash.

What can I make?

Analyzing your stash, we have found that your flavors really suck!

Ohh man…

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Maybe Ben should advise you on how to avoid appearing like a condescending douche when seeking assistance in a forum. Or is this just your true nature?


when I read the first post I was like wtf? does he want me to make the juice for him to …

but after reading a couple post. I see he got a few well deserved responses to the post .

and then reading further a see he might possible be wanting a feature request…

just because something has a good rating or several users say they like it . doesn’t mean it will be good to you. what taste good to me might taste awful to you… for example

both these recipes me and my friends enjoy… but other people may or may not enjoy them .

The best thing I can say is do single flavor test… and then search by your flavor stash using the flavors you enjoyed… and branch off from there…