Pledge to buy American

I am done buying from Fasttech. It is not worth waiting over a month and giving up warranties and customer service to save a buck or two. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen some high prices there, i.e., on the Aromamizer. I do like VapeNW and when I order from them, my package comes in only a few days. I wonder how much money FT is making just on interest holding our money for over a month in their bank before they ship our items. Can we gather together and list some other dealers that care and treat us like a human being rather than a robot, in order to make it easier to buy and save money and find what we want? How can we include the members that are not in the United States in this?

Hx: About a week ago, I decided I was not going to shop at FT any more. Then (after that) I got a Cthulha v2 that I cannot use because the threads on the top fill are so bad, and I do not want to bottom fill it and use a needle. I wrote FT Customer Service and told them I was not going to send them a photo because you can’t see this problem in a photograph. They wrote me back requesting a video. I did locate a program on my pc and tried to make a video, but it turned out to be a photo. Somewhere on my pc there is probably a program that would make a video. They also said I couldn’t send them the video and I must send them a link to the video that I make.

I wrote FT back and said they need to believe me and treat me like a human being since I have bought hundreds of dollars worth of items from them and I refuse to make a video. I doubt they will do anything, and I’ll be stuck with this tank. I refuse to be treated like that!

Please let me know how you feel and what you think and be honest. I’m an old lady who doesn’t like change and I don’t make videos.


I’ve had great customer service from Fast shipping and you get a free vape band with every purchase over $30.00

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If you have an item in mind that you want, do a search and pick your poison, errr, USA vendor. You pays your money and you takes your chances. Prices vary wildly, and just because you got a good price and service at a particular vendor one time doesn’t guarantee the same experience again.

But I understand your frustration with china. Gearbest has been the worst for me, the only way I got the last 2 orders was Paypal dispute. Fasttech had been ok but slow, then I got an item that was incomplete. They ignored my emails until I opened a claim with Paypal. Now they have sent me an email saying that they can’t send the piece I need until I drop my claim. Haven’t heard back from Paypal yet. Bought 1 item from Cigabuy and that went fine.

No more china for me.

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I’ve typically purchased in the US just because of shipping times and I want the full us consumer protections I can get. I’ve had 3 orders from vapordna, all shipped fast, well packed, and very fast to resolve one service issue. Ecx, although it made me sad that they don’t sell other supplies online due to their b&m stores, I still use them for my DIY supplies. I tried vape society once, shipping time was good, packing was good, but customer service experiance was very low…problem resolved but the index score would be a 1out of 5 for not working well with me (since I was a newbie at the time)…but I would say never to use them…and could possibly use them again in the future.

I’m sure there many other very great vendors here in the us. I know bvc gets great reviews for DIY supplies…and may have to use them to get my iw flavors.

All in all I wouldn’t recommend the over seas vendors just because of shipping and delays with customs and just for consumer protection. Just like folks from the uk and others may find it better to purchase within their beck of the woods.

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From the 100 or so posts that i have read on reddit VapeNW has some pretty bad customer service… Keep in mind you are still buying Chinese products.

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I have personally had the PLEASURE of dealing with Vape NW customer service and I have got to say was very impressed with them. They took care of my issue without question and replaced the item at there cost.

I also like World of Vape as well but can not personally vouch for there customer service. I will say there shipping time is the best I have seen from anyone.

EDIT: Personally I have never ordered anything vape related from China and have no plans to start. I am not that patient.


Good to hear that you had a good experience with them, i have personally never ordered from them as a result of the many posts.

I hear you on the China thing, one must be able to wait a bit. In the 80+ orders from fastech that i have placed i have only had two of them take longer than two weeks and it was expected, one was a pre-order and the other was placed at Chinese New Year. Oops, make that three as one of them was for a product with a battery in it.

FYI, not all of the 80 orders has been for vape related stuff tho most of it has, some of it has been for electronic gadgets.

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My top gear vendors:

Eciggity & Origin Vape

Satisfaction Guaranteed! :grinning:

Gonna 2nd @wvsanta on VapeNW, I’ve placed several orders with them and even had to cancel one before it shipped cause I inadvertently ordered the wrong item due to an inaccurate description on their website. They made the cancelation easy and even corrected their website after I pointed out the fault. Very professional from my experience.

I have placed many orders with the following vendors if you’d like to try them out…

My top-of-the-list vendors:

West Coast Gear: (WA) (WA)

East Coast Gear: (NY) (NC)

DIY Supplies: (East Coast) (NC) (West Coast) (WA)

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I ordered a bunch of stuff during FastTech’s CNY sale at 20% off. That was February 7th. I have an iPV5 on that order that showed as “out of stock” when my order was supposed to ship. Like a week later when the iPV5 was supposed to be restocked they shipped the remainder of my order and the iPV5 showed restocking in 13 days. 13 days goes by and I am expecting my iPV5 to ship and it now says restocking in 13 days.

The rest of my order shipped on March 1st. But it still says “Origin Post is Preparing Shipment” and my package doesn’t show any signs of movement.

If the problem can’t be seen in a picture, why the hell do they think a video would be any better? Unless you have an ultra 5k studio grade video camera, don’t bother.

Yeah but every company has people who hate them because of their customer service. Once a few people start posting negative shit everyone else piles on. I order from them regularly and never had a problem.


A while back, received a RTA from FT missing the upper chimney section.
Broke down the parts, arranged them on a desk with a gap for missing piece.
Took a picture, sent it to them and received a new, complete tank.
Told me to keep the old one.
Guess I got lucky.
Still order from them after 2 years.

I’ve gotten all my vape gear from VaporDNA and it has always been a great experience. Quick shipping, packaged well and no clones or fakes. I have been seeing cheaper prices on some gear at other places lately but since I don’t know about these other online stores and it’s only a few $ difference, I have so far stayed with VaporDNA.

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If I lived in the USA I would not buy from Fasttech or Gearbest as I see a lot of USA vendors selling about the same price or a couple of $ more but without the wait.

I live in the UK and for me I only use those two, the saving are big compared to the UK market and I getting old now so I don’t mind the wait.

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I strongly suggest to just cancel an item when it’s on backorder at FT. It went on and on with a Fogger and it never seemed to resolve. That’s just too much work for my mind to follow up on something so small when I’ve got more important things to be concerned about.

Amen. It seems definitely not worth it. Prices are not much better. I’m hearing good and bad about VapeNW, but I’ve had good experiences and prices are very good. I bought a lot from MyFreedomSmokes, but they are somehow falling short on prices. Also, I had a package from them stolen out of my mailbox and I wish someone would have at least said ‘so sorry for you’ or something - maybe a good coupon? Seems you must use coupons at MFS to save money or pay to join a group plan. I’m done there, and even though I’ve gone back and looked, I’ve been shocked that prices are high. Yesterday, they send me an email 20% off batteries, but the price of a battery was still $2 more even with the coupon. It’s like Winn Dixie, I won’t go there because they boost up prices and then mark them buy 1/get 1 free. Do they think I’m stupid?
To sum it up so far, I’ve made a list of vendors I’m going to try or try again based on posts:,, and
Other vendors I have bought from and had adequate results were:, and

I’m so glad we started this thread, and hope we can keep it going as a place to put our good and bad comments about vendors. We need that so much.


I’m with you john. Everyone wants to claw your eyes out in the uk if you want anything.
No good. I too don’t mind the wait, but be a dam site better if we colud buy local. :yum:

Never dealt with their customer service, because I’ve never had a bad product. Never heard of anyone having a bad experience with them either. Their prices are always low on a day to day level and they never have codes or sales where they jack the prices up just to take 10% off. Shipping from date of purchase from east coast to west coast is about three days. You also get a free 10ml bottle of juice with purchase. Can’t rate these guys high enough.

An iPV5 in Silver for $41? I think I will wait til they ship it :smiley: