Plum (LA) flavour notes

I have a 30ml bottle of plum(LA) I have looked for some notes on this specific Plum flavour, and haven’t found many. What pairs well with this flavour? And what % would you start with in a mixed fruit recipie?


You’re at a point in DIY where you need to sit down and do some single flavor testing with your new Plum (LA). I didn’t see any worthwhile Notes on the flavor so might as well start testing it. Research Single Flavor Testing in the forums here and you’ll find plenty of articles on the topic.


I would start at 4% solo and see where it goes from there, and how you would would want to use it in a recipe :ok_hand:


Thanks TorturedZen I appreciate the advice. I was thinking the same and just got overwhelmed at the thought of trying the flavours out by themselves…I have 110 now, but it makes sense. It seems like the only way to find out what works well with eachother.


And @ladycrooks pleeeeaaase take the time to write you’re own thoughts to contribute originality to the Flavour Notes for it - even if it’s just one line:

"10% solo. Bit sweet, but alright fresh mixed. 3/5" - LadyCrooks

At least you’ve adding something new, unlike so many other lazy arsehats.

Really annoys me to flick through those notes and see people just so lazy they’ve copy/pasted the notes from ONE other person about any given flavour: I don’t know why they do that bullshit, though I could surmise it’s because they want some kind of notes in their own flavour stash and they’re just too dead fuckin’ lazy to write their own, so they figure “His notes look complete - I’ll add them to my flavour stash notes…”

Then the next dead-head comes along and does the same thing…

Then the next…

And the next…

And the next

Before you know it there’s 16 pages of the same, single note from one dood/chick just wasting screen space, because nobody’s added a single original thought of their own.

Maybe they don’t have any thoughts of their own?


You seem to have thoughts of your own though - so write them out!

Yeah sure I haven’t written a single flavour note on any flavour at all, but even that is better than copy/pasting someone else’s notes for them.


Ok I will. I didnt copy and paste so I will write my thoughts down I didn’t want to seem like I was overdoing it. But your right.


No no: you don’t have write any notes at all or feel obliged to - it’s just copy/pasting the same notes from one person that’s annoying :confounded:

No notes are better than everyone just pasting the same note was all I meant :smirk:

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I know that, but I will for the flavours I want to know more about and learn about. Theres no way im going to test all my flavours but the odd ones I want to be able to have something to look back on.


K :slight_smile:

That’s excellent: gives everyone new opinions 'bout whichever flavours you’re liking enough to feel like writing something about :blush:

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I agree it’s annoying as hell. But you also correctly assumed that those notes are for their own benefit to refer back to if needed. A lot of times a user could care less about who reads the notes…just like they could GAF about some of the flavor names they use! Some people can be quite stubborn and/or ignorant.