Pluto Clone

Pluto is one of my faves so I’m wondering if anybody has tried this recipe. Looks pretty simple:

I’m curious if INW Melon would be a close substitute for TPA Honeydew. When I first opened the INW bottle, honeydew was the first thing I thought of.

The recipe says “PG content is only from flavoring”. That makes no sense to me. If that was the case, wouldn’t it be a max VG recipe? Recipe says to use .6% PG in addition to flavors.

The recipe was made before implemented max vg :smile:

Sorry, can’t help with the other question - haven’t tried the recipe…:smile:

Gotcha. So if I were to adapt this to lets say 70 VG, would the balance of PG/VG be all out of whack? What I mean is would the calculator say to add more PG than what is really needed? Sorry if that’s a stupid question, but I’m a little confused about it.

The only way you’d be able to do 70VG/30PG in that recipe, is to add PG :wink: Not sure what you mean though… ELR won’t ask you to add more than is really needed :smile:

Lol … now you see I’m confused. Just because the orig recipe says to add straight .6% PG, but not really because it’s getting the PG from flavors according to the author. So if I were to change the PG/VG ratio I’m thinking it might end up being too diluted. No worries though. I’ll give it a shot by making a small batch and see how it turns out.

Nah, because max VG was hard to do on ELR before I did the Max VG-option, he probably left out the .6% PG and just added that much extra VG :smile:

I’ve been making a clone to pluto. It’s awesome. Check out my recipes.

Post the link for us here

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