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POD and NIC salt base HELP for newbie

Been on this site for a bit and started trying to mix myself several months ago. Wouldn’t say complete fail but not great at it. Smoked for 30 years and quit 6 months ago. Only used POD systems now (smok novo and smok nord).

I have found an incredible nic salt 25mg 60/40 mg juice I love and order all the time. However I want to mix my own because eventually it is going to break the bank. Sitting here with my supplies trying to make several basic recipes and keep confusing myself.

I have 100mg/ml nic salt 100%vg bottle nic carolina extract.

Question is did i buy the wrong nic because of the 100 VG? Also if someone experienced can show me the proper calculation without flavor for the strength and hit i use now would be appreciated.

I love lurking here and reading everyone post. SO encouraged by how many people have quit smoking like I did. Haven’t picked up a single cig since the day i bought my POD and never plan on it again.


No. Not at all using 100mg/ml. Just make sure to shake the hell out of it to avoid hot spots.


Thanks will do