Pod kit sweetener question

Hello friends.

Basically, i am nicotine salt user and big fan of uwell caliburn G pod kit with 0.8ohm coil.

Once i made a batch of test with 35mg of nicotine salt with 2% of SS. And found very less sweetener in juice.

Because i am regular user of BLVK and Skwezed nicsalt commercial juices that were very sweet.

In my test batch, i added total of 4% of SS, and with only 5 to 6 puffs, coil gave me burnt taste.

The main question, is there any other option to make nicsalts as sweet similar to commercial ejuices but to avoid coil burning?

I used normally 20ml of Eliquid with 1 coil in caliburn G.
And in RDAs and RTAs , there is not an issue if coils/wick got caramelized due to heavy sweeteners.


You’re getting burnt taste because your coil carmelized after the first puff.

@PiMpDaDdY - here’s a customer.

Also, as per the amount you want, starting at 1 percent will be fairly sweet, but aim lower… I usually add abou .5-1 depending on the recipe and it’s plenty sweet, almost commercial sweet.