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Hello everyone been a while since i was here last have a question i got into nic salts e liquid about 3 weeks ago i started with a aspire breeze 2 with 35mg that got me to stop cigs well the buttons started sticking and you had to hold the tank down to vape it so went back to local shop and the were out of them so they exchanged it for a BSKR mtl starter kit and the problem with this one there is no flavor and you have to suck your eyes out of the sockets to vape it not counting burns coils every 20 minites i have tried differnt salts and regular juice and every setting on the tank air holes no difference i do have a evic mini that will go to 1 watt is there a tank that i can get to use this on that dosent require a vacum pump to draw on i have to give the aspire credit it did have great flavor but the device is cheaply made and went though coils quick or is there a device that some one is using that they can recommend that is for nic salts thanks


Sounds like you need to change the ratio of vg/pg for it to wick properly - the burning has nothing to do with nic salts at all.

As far a recommending an MTL tank I will leave that alone since it is not in my wheelhouse.


I have tried differnt nic salt and regular e liquid i have tried 50/50 60/40 70/30 can not vape stright pg juice also tried 35 mg 25 mg nic salt and 3 mg 6 mg and 12 mg e juice


Maybe you shouldn’t be on an mtl device at all wouldn’t be the first time a vape shop has steered someone in the wrong direction.


I don’t work for eleaf, hard to believe considering how often I advertise this product, but you may want to get yourself a pico 25 kit.
This way, you can try an airy tank with decent flavour, it does TC with HW1 coils and you get a mod with replaceable 18650 battery in the process that you can put something else on. And it should not break the bank either.
My advice if you rebuild is the serpent SMM. I can advise on simple builds.


I may try something new but i have to say the aspire breeze 2 did make me quit cigs it had good flavor and the throat hit i was looking for i have tried vaping in the past but never found the setup to drop the cigs and i really do want to quit smoking cigs ill look at the tanks thanks for the input


Why not just order another Aspire Breeze online?


@pglizerd Have 2 of Breeze2’s cause I didnt want to be caught without something to vape in case 1 broke.

But if you look at the retaining tabs for the POD they are plastic. So if you start jamming pods in there, not sure they can take that kinda abuse.

There are tons of other stuff with bigger batteries for longer life, all metal pieces, easier replaceable coils if you buy wire and make your own. I would look at others… I’ll still use mine till they break however, but try and get stuff to have for backup.

Try and Clean the contacts sometimes it helps if it’s not hitting.


Hi there @pglizerd , I’m definitely no expert on the subject but I got a MiPod about 2 weeks ago and I love it! I have been a pretty heavy smoker for a few years now and using 30mg nic salt juice is definitely hitting the spot. The battery life of the MiPod is great, I only charge it every second day and I use it a fair bit. Generally I prefer sub-ohm mods but are not the easiest to carry in your pocket and I’m paranoid I’ll break the tank while I’m at work. The MiPod is compact, pretty sturdy (I’ve already dropped it a few times lol) and simple. No VW, no fire button, just inhale and away you go! I was skeptical to start with but now use it just as much as my sub-ohm mods.

…and that’s my 2cents :joy:


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hi @pglizerd :slight_smile:
If i were you, i might go with @SuperFrog 's advice, Haven’t tried it, but I’ve heard good things about that pico. But let’s throw my two cents in.

I had a look at that BSKR kit, and it seems you can’t adjust the airflow? if you’re sucking your eyes out of your sockets trying to get a decent draw, then you really need adjustable airflow, IMO.

Unless you’re totally attached to all-in-one devices, I’d like to recommend my favourite MTL tank: Aspire Nautilus X , together with any small, single-battery mod . 50 W is totally adequate. You’ll probably get best performance at around 12-14 W… if you use the 1.8 ohm coils.

Personally, i like a really loose draw, and usually have the airhole fully open, but you can adjust to suit yourself. I’m absolutely sure you’ll be able to get a decent draw on those tanks. The coils can wick my 100VG juice no prob, and they willl last for weeks …if you don’t abuse them ( i.e don’t let the tank run dry)

but best of all, (from your perspective) the Nautilus X uses the exact same U-tech coils as the Asire Breeze! so you should get pretty much the same vaping experience from it,

There is one small but significant difference: The Breeze is actually sub ohm device, and takes 0,.6 or 1.2 ohm coils.( Which were you using? ), wheras the Nautie X uses higher resistance coils, starting at 1.5 ohm. This could be another reason why you couldn’t get along with the BSKS. The coils for that are also higher resisance than you’re accustomed to.

What to do about that? Well you could increase the mg of your juice, accordingly. Or you could do what I sometimes do, and just screw your Breeze coils into the Nautie X. They fit like a…ummm…breeze! :grin: No reason why not. (aside from the little leaflet from Aspire that says don’t)

All the best!