Poll: what wattage range do bakeries taste best at?

So I know this is super subjective and all, but I’m just diving into the world of bakery flavors with no custards or creams backing them up and I’m curious; what’s your favorite setups/wattages to vape bakery flavors?

  • 30w or below
  • 30-60w
  • 60-100w
  • 100w and higher

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That all depends on the tank and coil.
I have had great custard at 6w in siren 2 mtl and 110w in a falcon tank.


I don’t really do low wattage (or high ohm builds) but they can taste great anywhere between 40w on a 0.35ohm single coil in a squonker, up to 130w on a 0.1 build in the Modfather or Voltrove

I won’t click on the vote since it doesn’t really make sense :slight_smile:


Welcome @Fishaddict420 !!!

I seem to do best in the 50-90 watt range, regardless of which type of flavor. Chocolates can be moved lower depending on the brand.


In my opinion wattage won’t give you this kind of info. Different builds or tanks will make a bigger difference independent from wattage. Also you will have to consider air flow, the same tank can give you different results when you restrict the air flow.
I have no experience with temp control but restricting the max temperature could possibly make a difference because you don’t reach certain temperatures where some components of the liquid could break down and produce funny tastes. But that’s not based on testing, just a thought.


I think a better question would be which heatflux would be most suitable. While flavor can change depending on the wattage used it really comes down to the heatflux. Wattage will variate a lot depending on how many coils, or type of coil and so forth, where the wattage provided will give heatflux as an end result on the coil which will affect what flavor notes from a juice will become more noticeable. Anyway, even suitable heatflux can variate depending on coil type, but it will still be a more specific and useful parameter in a broader perspective of wiretype and builds.


Try most any chocolate flavor on a low wattage coil, then a 100w coil, you will find the difference lol. @lummy heat flux is what I usually go by, but most people don’t seem to use it or they don’t know how, I started this poll simply out of curiosity and I figured if I added in heat flux choices I would lose half my opinions from people lol


Lol. I didn’t vote because for me it all depends on the coil. Sure, I vape between 72-78 watts but that determined by my coil.

As said before I dial it in…start low and work my way up.


Well, I have no experience with chocolate flavors but even if there is such a big difference i don’t think it is a precise enough measure to find the “perfect wattage” for bakery flavors. The difference between the coils/mesh is just too big.


Im going to have to say 47.5watts to 70 w bc they’ve had I vape at ( typically )


Mine is at 53 watts

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440 - 460 Fahrenheit :slight_smile: