Pomegranate by Loranns

I recently received Pomegranate by Loranns. It is tasty but should i be concerned about the pink coloring? I asked this same question on another site but responses were 50/50.

That’s one of those issues that some people care about and some don’t. I personally quit vaping anything with added coloring in it because I feel at the very least is unnecessary. There are plenty of e liquids out there with way more coloring in them than you’re going to get from one flavor that’s colored, so if you like it it probably is fine too use it. But like I said, it’s an unnecessary additive that doesn’t improve your mixes in any way (other than visually) so in the future you’re probably better off avoiding flavors with coloring.


T Juice Red Astaire is a coloured as you can get and that’s a popular Juice, got no idea if its bad for you though

I think generally they are coloured to make them more visually enticing - marketing ploy. But I’m with @VapeyMama - don’t want to be inhaling a food colouring if I don’t have to and it doesn’t enhance flavour in anyway AFAIK…

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I would venture to say it could hurt the flavor actually. Food coloring can be bitter.


IMO you can’t beat the natural colour of a nice Amber well steeped liquid…that’s enticing enough for me :wink::ok_hand:


Hadn’t considered that, but it makes definite sense to me! I’ve only ever tried one eliquid that was a vivid blue colour, didn’t like it and was thinking “not sure I want to vape something so volatile looking” :flushed:

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I’m not vaping additional color juices. Na-a. No way. Don’t want it.


My vote is for no extra chemicals or coloring.

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