Pop / flaky pastry base suggestion


From time to time I’m hooked onto certain flavor and then mix 5 to 10 different recipes to see how it fits, how it steeps with different ingredients, etc. That’s how I can evaluate the profile of a target flavor for any future reference.

So, lately I’ve been working with OOO’s Pop Pastry Strawberry flavor whose title tells what it is. Even though I looove the flavor itself, I’d like to be able to kinda replicate/isolate that flaky pastry component.

If anyone is familiar with OOO’s Pop Pastry Strawberry, he or she will know what I am talking about. Any ideas which flavors to start with coz I’m a bit lost?

In case not, is there anyone willing to share experience in making a solid flaky (pop) pastry base?



this is without a doubt, the best pop-tart thing I’ve tried, coil killer for sure though, at least for me. (2% sweetner) but yep, pretty sure this would work.


These 2 in combo makes for a pretty solid flaky pastry crust.


Will try the doughy part of this one for sure, it looks promising. Thanks!

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Already made a couple of shots with VTA’s Croissant but actually never thought it may work with Apple Pie. Croissant is kinda heavier and denser type of pastry than the regular flaky pastry. Far from been bad, of course, however my goal is that golden, fluffy crust which melts in your mouth when you take a bite.
Thanks for a hint anyway!


Sorry to hear it it doesn’t work for you.

EDIT… I see you have a tested quite a few VTAs and probably have more experience with that brand than me. So I’m sure you’ve seen enough to make an informed decision.

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No need to remove those recipes mate! Strawberry Pop Tarts looks nice and I’d give it a shot if I had Italian Cream (Hangsen). No matter what, today I ended up combining
Butter Base (VTA), White Cake (FW), Biscotto/Cookie (FA), Cupcake Batter (FLV) and Meringue (TPA)
I’ve made a few samples and we’ll see how it turns out next week.
Thanks for helping!

I see some yummy stuff in your recipes library, will definitely try out some :partying_face:


What about that cannoli flavor from the pazzo line? anyone try that yet?

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If you refer to Joker then I’m not sure coz I don’t have it nor can buy one here in Europe…

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Pretty sure Chefs have them in stock now

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