Popping sound in atomizer

I vape a VV/VW box mod, 0.5 ohm, usually at around 22-25 watts. Sometimes when I take a drag, there will be a VERY loud pop coming from the atomizer - kind of like an extremely exaggerated version of the usual sizzle you normally hear. This always happens at or near the very beginning of a vaping session. As I continue to use the device, the “explosions” subside into a very unobtrusive sizzle. Anyone know why this might be happening. Thanks!

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Sometimes it happens because the coils are cold and sometimes because there is too much juice in the wicking material. Sometimes it is even the liquid, i have some juices that pop and some that dont. It is normal but can be scary!


I’ve noticed the popping more when I have my airflow too closed, or if it is somewhat flooded. I think it is just mostly the excess liquid boiling off. I’m sure the more ‘sugary’ flavors would also tend to do it more, too. For me .3ohm aromamizer it tends to pop if my air is less than half open, over 55 watts… Can’t speak for other setups though.


Interesting - I just tried opening my airflow all the way open and doing a huge direct to lung hit, full-on power-vaping, and guess what? No popping! I think you have to intimidate your vape into understanding that you’re more aggressive than it is, and it’ll back down LOL! In all seriousness, I guess the heavy hit on the device with full air flow means that the liquid is moving on through there and not just meekly hanging around in the coil head waiting to be boiled to death.


Yea, if it pops alot, turn it down a little and/or open the air a little, shouldn’t have to power hit it like that always, just know that the higher the wattage, the more air you’ll probably need to keep it from heating till it pops like that :slight_smile: no worries, you’ll find the happy medium ground for it :slight_smile:

I cant even stand it when I over fill a tank and get the hot droplets. I just bought new dripper’s and know those are going to snap crackle and pop too lol…

Popping is totally normal particularly with big coil tank systems like Kanger SubTank series. Sometimes it’s loud enough to scare the crap out you lol. Don’t worry mate… It happens all the time.


My atomizer was just popping like crazy @70 watts it kept popping all the way down to 50 watts
my build is dual .23 ohms 26/32 Fused Clapton coils when my air flow is at half it still pops with air flow wide open @ 50 watts and it still pops I am vaping a pretty sweet juice as some one has already mentioned may be the cause I’m going to rebuild and try a different juice

Ive noticed an extreme amount of popping when I do not wick my coils “tight” enough. Did a little research on this and come to find out that if there are any gaps between the cotton and the coil, juice build up in those gaps will pop very loudly. So I tried wicking a little more tightly and sure enough the popping almost completely stopped. Hope this helps

I just finished rebuilding and I did go with a tighter fit with the cotton and went to a different juice before i read your reply we had the same idea now at 70 watts I just get a little crackling sound but it hasn’t popped yet
thanks for your help Henry

Glad to help Sir.