Positive Steps in the right direction?

After reading @SirRisc latest review on the Smok knight kit, i headed over to Smoks website to take a look…

I found this! It looks like a really positive step in the right direction, right guys & gals?


As long as that’s kept “internal” (to the process, ie:between the TPD/FDA registrations, etc, but remains accessible via pdf to the public who wantto read it), then yeah! Off to a great start.

If that’s something that we should start to expect to see in every vaping related item we order…Then the only thought that springs to mind is “what a cosmically large waste of paper.” As you can easily picture most folks immediately looking at it, and then putting a straight in the trash.

Very nice that things are starting to move forward though! =)

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I’d imagine those documents (at the bottom of this page) are supposed to be part of their TPD notification but, if so, I hope nobody in the MHRA looks too closely at the apparent size of the Helmet’s refilling port…