Possible allergy? Maybe I just need help

So it would seem that I am having difficulty making a decent mix.

I’m by no means any expert, have been diy’ing for about 2 months, but I’ve hit a bump, a BIG one!

I can’t seem for the life of me to mix any type of blueberry, banana and most strawberries. I’ve tried liquid barn, jungle flavours, chefs choice, TPA etc. The only one that I can mix successfully is TPA Strawberry. My nic is fine, my measurements are fine, everything is fine! I just get a really harsh, chemical taste when I mix any of the above. Even if it’s only 4 drops in a 10ml sample with nic.

I don’t think that I’m doing anything wrong, but I could be mistaken! I’ve searched the internet looking for any hints about possible ingredients that I may be allergic to, but with no luck!

Has anybody here had a similar thing? Or am I just retarded???

Please help!

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What flavors don’t come out harsh and chemical for you? And what’s your pg/vg ratio?

So far, TPA Strawberry isn’t harsh, Capella Raspberry V2 isn’t harsh, that’s about it. TPA Raspberry is a tad harsh, vapable in emergencies though I’d say. I mix with VG nic (72mg) and the rest is 50 AG/50 VG, have reactions to PG if it’s more than 20% so I just keep that to the flavours if you get what I mean

When you say AG, do you mean PG?

No, Aqeous Glycerine. It’s VG with 10% distilled water. Runny like PG but clouds like VG :slight_smile: I have tried max VG, but the flavours are still just as harsh

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Aah, thanks, hehe. What about creams or custards, tried any of those?

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Hmmm. Post three of your harsh recipes here. Just type them in. Ex. 4% raspberry cap 2% strawberry tpa.

Beyond that…some folks find straight fruits without anything else abit too harsh. Some tricks. Age your liquid. Allo me it to steep for three weeks. Another is add a cream…any cream in a small percent. Ones that don’t add too much flavor would be marshmallow FA at 0.5% or fresh cream FA 0.5%. Just that little bit will sand the sharp edges off without adding a major flavor note. Add bavarine cream tpa at 1% will shave an edge but also introduce a new flavor note.

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So three harsh recipes:

Jungle flavours Strawberry 2%
Liquid Barn Banana 2%
Chefs choice Strawberry 5% (have also tried 2%)

I always add TFA Marshmallow at 2% and Cotton Candy (EM) at 1% to everything now anyway, so that’s included in the above.

Did try a custard:
Chefs Rhubarb 8%
Flavour Monks Divine Custard 6%
TFA Marshmallow 2%
TFA Cotton Candy 1%
Longer it steeped, the harsher it got :frowning:

Successful recipe:
TFA Strawberry 12%
TFA Milk 4%
Capella Hazlenut V2 2.5%
TFA Marshmallow 2%
TFA Cotton Candy 1%

It’s not making much sense to me really lol

I did a couple. One of the ones I tried is a bit further down this post :grinning:

Ok. Hm. Do you have other creams than TFA Milk? I think you’ll find your mixes less harsh if you add a percent or two more of an additional cream and maybe lower the fruit. Rhubarb is easily harsh and I would think 8 % is more than you want use - keep in mind that some flavors also steep stronger. Are you sure it’s not the Cotton Candy if you have that in all your mixes?

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I have some creams, but not a huge selection. Will have to do some shopping.

I doubt that it’s the Cotton candy as it’s in the mixes that are good too. Will give that a test now though, good shout :slight_smile:

I’m one step closer I think. Did a wild blueberry custard shake and Vape from here, outrageous %'s!
TFA Blueberry Wild 14%
Capella vanilla custard V2 10%
TFA Marshmallow 2%

Shaked and vaped fine.
Added Cotton candy 1%, vaped fine
Added nic… blew my head off and coughed up a lung! (not literally of course)

Why would nic only react with certain flavours this way? It’s fine with other concentrates

My guess is that some flavors “hide” other flavors better. But you are still pretty high on the percentages there imo and I think you would benefit from lowering them a bit.

I agree, the 8% rhubarb was a test, could easily go down to 6% and as for the blueberry custard, it got high votes so I tried it lol

But at least you (probably) found the weak spot in your mixes then. :+1:

The thing is, this happens with only 2% of a fruit flavour :frowning: I’ll just have to keep playing around and testing until I get it right :slight_smile:

Without nic too?

I’m guessing I can create the same effect with VG and add a little distilled water?

I guess so. I bought mine online pre-mixed. I think the ratio is 90% VG 10% distilled water.

I wouldn’t use max AG in a mix though as its almost as runny as water and rinses through cotton really quickly causing leaks. I use 50% VG and 50% AG and it seems to be working well so far :slight_smile:

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What nicotine strength?