Postless RTA

Anybody tried one of these? I’m liking it, but not sure about being stuck with the wide mouth drip tip.

That thing looks right up my alley. Any leaking issues or anything? Flavor is good? What are your builds/wicks?

I meant that I like the looks of it, was hoping to get answers to the same questions you ask lol

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It does look good. Maybe somebody has one.

Yeah i have a real Hannya and a clone from angel cigs. The both taste great with the right builds and the Hannya original has a more pronounced draw on it than the clone. I am running dual hive wire 28G at .33. have to add a lot of cotton as there is NO juice well at all it has a 1/2mm lip and thats it great for building on and the grub screws work excellently.
I upped my single blends by 5% on the flavoring because I’m making 85/15 juice for it.

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Thank you for the info. I think i will pick one up. Do you think it’s the atty that is low on flavor or just the lower %PG juice?

How many wraps can you get on your coils with hive wire at 2.5 or 3mm i.d.? I watched a youtube vid on the rda and the guy seemed to be having trouble getting longer coils in it. Thanks

I’m using 6 wraps on a 2.5mm dual coils 28g

Thank you, I have received mine but preoccupied with another RDA ATM. This is a kanthal build? I will be running g TC on this atty and will be using Ti.

I’m getting used to dripping after every 2 pulls using the noisy cricket and a tiny RDA, so this may actually be more reasonable on dripping frequency.

So no leaks from the screws then?

None at all. I have the cotton tucked under both coils and wrapped around that 1/2 mill lip (cut a 1/4" strip off the sheet and torn in half using the whole strip 1/2 for each coil. i can get 6-7 heavy pulls before i half to redrip. And yes it is kanthal