Potential Benefits of Nicotine Studied in Animal Models

A colleague of mine directed me to a short story on research at Texas A&M that it thought would be interesting to some:

(they also mention potentially harmful chemicals in e-cigs, so I intend to dig into this a little further. If anyone has access to any peer reviewed literature from this group, please post if possible. I will attempt to find it and follow up)

This is an open access journal, so I am not familiar with what, if any peer review this has undergone, but here is a link to the article. You don’t have to join for it to download:




…those crazy hip little Texas meeses! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like how, in true Texas style, they decapitate the mice, drain their blood, and section their brains. I can hardly wait for their human studies!

No seriously, this kinda stuff makes me glad I don’t do medical research, but I appreciate those that do…I guess.

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When I was trying for an AA in Nursing (failed attempt!)… we had to carve on a baby pig… it didn’t go well for me! :scream::astonished::cry:

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:yum: sounds delicious

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It mightn’t be so bad if they use actual Texans :grin:

I think that might bias the experiments. I mean, mess with Texas by all means :smiling_imp: but leave the science intact, please.

I gotta give these Texans a shout out for doing real science I’d rather not do myself, but the article was a bit much if based off it imo.