Pouches, Suitcases, Trailers?

When you are headed out to work, a party, long drive, church etc…what do you bring with you and what do you keep your “gear” in?

I keep it simple with a zip up, extra battery, charger, and juice.

If it’s not overnight I just throw a full tank on my VTC mini and in the pocket it goes (I have a USB cable in my car for charging my bluetooth that can charge on the mod’s passthru if needed). For overnights I usually throw a spare battery (in its own plastic case), extra juice, and folded paper towls into this Vaultz pencil box I got at Target. Usually rebuilding supplies and tools too, but I rarely actually use them when on the road.

And when I get carried away I have a small Craftsman toolbag for when I think I need to bring a dozen different juices, a dripper, and protank head rebuilding supplies because I’ve got peeps that still use those. Oh and I guess next time I visit my folks, I told them I’d bring some of my flavorings to try in their Sodastream.

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I have a little axe deoderant brand miniture duffle bag lunch box lookin thing, i just loaded up with pretty much everything… except juices, but if i were going somewhere for an extended period of time I have room to put at least a few different bottles in still. right now it has wire, pliers and nail clippers in the end little zipper, rayon, and a coilmaster pouch to hold the jig set, packs of occ coils for subtank mini, a little tiny ziplock baggy with 2 rba heads for it and the little blue screwdriver, a bag with my tips and extra o rings, a little smok ohm/voltage meter, I probably should toss a charger and usb in, since my intellicharger i4 would be too bulky for it, and my other tanks… ill have to take a pic of it in a sec to show you, seems like a lot but its actually very nice easy to carry size

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The Vaultz looks pretty cool. Is it sturdy?

Sounds like you are well prepared :thumbsup:

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My vape purse. LOL :grin:


Sturdy enough for how I use it, but it’s not nearly as tough as the flight case it’s meant to look like for sure. I wouldn’t trust the lock on it to keep anyone out who was determined to get in (you could probably pry it open with a butter knife, so think toddler-proof, but not tween-proof). I think it’s just 3 mm cloth-lined plastic or plastic-and-cloth covered composite wood (not sure).

Oh, and I’m sure the mesh pocket and elastic band will get torn up before the rest of it wears out. But I’ve already had it for two years and expect it’ll last at least several more years, so not too shabby for $10.

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Gotcha. Thanks for the heads up.

P.s. how noisy are those sodastreams?

I didn’t think it was a big deal, but here’s a video review fast forwarded to where he demos it.

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Thanks @zigz I was always curious about this machine.

This works for me…

Since I’m using DNA 200 mods I no longer carry batteries. Those batteries has been replace with more tanks. I carry a battery bank for charging my mods. My girlfriend calls it my mini suitcase.


oh man…very nice. looks like a tactical bag. sweet.

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Per an older post by @Pro_Vapes I got one of those UD VapePockets, and it works great! Is a lil smaller than it looks in pics, but holds a BUNCH!
Ive also got a Coil Master DIY v2 kit for building.
But for everyday use Ive got a Coil Master PBag (yep a Pee-Bag)…I actually have 2 of them, @ less than $4 each on BeastVapors, why not? Im able to carry a 30ml bottle of juice, a couple small screw drivers and a 2nd mod and tank as back up. I throw this whole set up in my lunchbox for work, and its also nice for going out…ive always gotta have back up in case of a mechanical issue/failure.


I like those bags. I had a similar bag from MFS, but it wasn’t as nice as those. I found those on Element Vape and I just ordered 2. Thanks for the share.


Thanks, hope you like them.

Truth be told…I kinda feel like im carrying around one of those cigarette pouches from the 70s, but idgaf, just works


As I don’t like to carry a ton of stuff around, I always refill any tanks and switch to a fresh battery before heading out. Then, if it’s a mech, I got a belt holster for 18350 torch that works perfectly; just put a bottle of juice in the lighter pocket in my jacket if it’s a dripper and off we go. If it’s one of my single batt box mods, then it’ll fill precisely one pocket if I take a bottle of juice or a handkerchief with me. :slight_smile: But the best are my squonker: switch battery, throw em in the pocket and done. I don’t bring my pipes with me lately, though…


For anyone looking for something to carry their gear in, for simply organizing a mess of stuff, traveling, or extended periods of time… Here is a list of some workable bags and cases I have found…

AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case for Small Electronics and Accessories -Black

AmazonBasics Hanging Toiletry Kit

co2CREA ™ Universal Hard Shell EVA Carrying Storage Travel Case Bag for Powerbank/External Hard Drive/HDD/Electronics/Accessories Extra Large(")

BUBM Portable Universal Wrap Electronics Accessories Travel Organizer / Hard Drive Bag / Cable Stable/ Baby Healthcare Kit (Black)

Grid-It Organizer, Black (CPG10BK)

ECOSUSI Electronics Travel Organizer Case Bag

KaseIt Vape Bag Holster Accessory Pouch Mod Carrying Case Vaping Tools

Premium Gear Protective Carrying Case Bag by ProVapeGear - Large

Premium Electronic Cigarette Protective Carrying Case by USA Gear - Works With blu , Innokin , Janty , V2 and More Electronic Cigarettes Includes Cleaning Cloth and Brush Stick

KaseIt Professional Vape Carrying Case Double Sided Vape Bag for Mod Accessories Keeps Vaping Gear Organized

Coil Master 100% Authentic Kbag Universal Carrying Case / Portable Bag for Tools, Liquids, and More!

Premium Gear Protective Carrying Case Bag by ProVapeGear -Medium

Travel Portable Vape Case suitable for IOLITE WISPR 2 [Various Colors/Styles] Universal Fit by NEXTDIA

Imren Mod Bag / Vape Bag for All Your Vaping Accessories

30-Bottle Essential Oil Carrying Case for 15ml and 30ml bottles - Black w/Dusk Orange interior - 4" high

16-Bottle Essential Oil Carrying Cases hold 5ml, 10ml and 15ml bottles - Black with Light Grey interior - 4" high

10-Bottle Essential Oil Carrying Case - Black with Dusk Orange interior

Coil Master Kbag New Released Vape Bag Vape Case Portable Bag for Vape Coil Supplys & Universal Electronics Accessories

ZenXoilz Carrying Case for Essential Oils - 32 -Bottle (15 ml) - Black w/Black Interior

ZenXoilz 70 Compartment Leather Style Carrying Case for Essential Oils - Brown Case w/Black Interior

ZenXoilz Diffuser Carrying Case for Essential Oils with 12-Bottle Essential Oil Storage - Black w/Black Interior


I use the coil master at times but it’s rather bulky and not very fashionable.I have found the epitome of gear bags ,hey it’s only money!:joy:


These look great. Thanks for the share.
I just ordered 2 myself, thanks @Pro_Vapes for the site.

Holy moly lol that’s crazy

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