Praxis - Decimus

Anybody got one of these??

I bought one in “midnight” color bout 2 months ago and have loved it since day one!
Dual 18650 vv/vw only, and loving the simplicity! But that hand feel tho!
Only the fire button is on the outside, and the up and down buttons are located under the magnetic battery door, out of the way for a very clean look and feel.
Light weight plastic frame, removable/replaceable doors that are available in different colors, and they have a rubberized feel to the paint.
Ive been using mine almost exclusively in voltage mode, so if the ohms on my atomizer drift my vape stays consistent and flavorful.
My battery life lasts me all day til bedtime w a .20 ohm build in all of my tanks.
These arent terribly cheap though considering its only VV/VW with NO temp control shinanigans. Ive seen these sell for much more than the $60 I paid at VaporBeast, upwards of $80-$94 seems the norm. Dont know if id pay all of that, but I did buy a second one @ $60 in Arctic (white) again from VaporBeast…along with a red set of replacement doors for bout $16.
150w with pulse width modulation, so its got a tiny tiny bit of hum when you hit the button that really goes unnoticed by me when vaping, I cant hear it over my atomizer (and ive got bionic hearing), but it can be heard near your ear (maybe as far as you elbow)…but I just dont care.
This thing works great, is a consistent vape with comfy cozy hand feel.
Id highly recommend this to anybody who wants a great looking mod and doeant want or need temp control, but would rather simplicity.

[edit] Ive seen reviews that complain of button rattle, neither of mine have ever experienced this, which leads me to believe the rattle has been addressed and eliminated all together.

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Looking sexy :heart_eyes:

Good to know, Praxis is making quality stuff. I find it quite good to see a VV mod, finally. All this TC and VW witchcraft is giving me headaches! :joy:

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Oh my…this is the land of TC mods, isnt it?