Pre-making Base Advice

Maybe I’m missing something but I’m confused (just started making my own ejuice).

Can I pre-mix my PG/VG/Nic base and simply add flavour later? I’m guessing I can but I’m confused as to what quantities.

I go for 70/30 VG/PG and 3mg nic made from 72mg PG based nicotine. But how would I account for this in my calculations?

As I said I’m either missing something or being totally thick.

If you add the info into the calculator with out flavorings it will give you the correct amounts. However as soon as you add any flavorings to the base the pg/vg percent ratio will change.

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Not only that, the Nic level will drop as well.

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So…I’m better off not premixing?

Premix your base with pg/VG and flavor, add your Nic later

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Only you can answer that question to be honest. If you think it is worth it to have your base liquid pre-mixed you go ahead and pre-mix.
Me personally mix my base and nic with flavors every time i mix up a liquid, that way i always know exact what nic level i have and i also avoid an eventual oxidation of the nic.


Ah! That’s defeating the object of what I was trying to do. The PG/VG/Nic is what i would call the constant ingredients and it’s only the flavours that are variable.

I understand.

Thanks to all for your advice.

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This here would be true if you always added lets say 15% flavorings to that base every time. But since recipes varie and the percentages as well, that base wont be the constant ingredient at least not when it comes to vg/pg ratio or mg on the nic.


I like using a premix for all of my testers which are 5 to 10ml. I do not get hung up on the little bit differing flav% alter the nic level in the testers. In fact I don’t get locked into absolute nic levels either. I find I like to use higher nic in those recipe’s that take it well. Other recipes that nic will alter flavor I like to run lower levels to enhance flavor. Since I always carry multiple devices one will always be at a higher nic level. this program works really well for me.


you can do it… but i find no reason for it…

for 70/30 base (let;s talk for 100ml)
you need 4,1ml nic and count up to 30ml in overall your flavors + 0mg PG
rest 70ml go on 0mg VG…

the thing is that this very restrictive… the downsides are

  1. your NIC will drop…
  2. the ratio of PG/VG will change when you will add flavors inside (they’re all PG in majority)
  3. if a recipe is using dilutants… the ratios will change even more…

for example…
let’s say you want to use 10% flavor…
automatically your vg/pg ratio will drop to 60/40 vg/pg
your nic lvl will drop to 2.7mg
if a recipes is using something to dilute your vg or whatever… (let’s say 5%) your nic lvl, vg ratio etc will drop even more… while Distilled Water (for example) thins VG like about 4 times more than PG

it’s better to add all ingredients seperate everytime in each bottle you make m8… :slight_smile:

i hope i helped ya… gl and have fun :wink:

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Makes sense. Thanks.

Well you can make a base mix let’s say 1000 ml (1liter)The first thing you have to consider is how much flavorings you normally use. The amount of them will lower your nic level. So lets say you make your base at 4mg/ml nic that will give you up to 25% flavorings to stay above the 3 you mentioned
Using 72mg/ml PG based nic you will want to add 55.5 mg of your nic liquid. and then 700 ml VG and 244.5 ml of the PG You now have a 70/30 4mg/ml nic base. If you take 7.5 ml of it and add 2.5 ml flavor you have made a juice that is 3mg/ml nic with 25% flavoring. The percentages can be adjusted to fit your tastes but that’s the basics of it. if you have any questions PM me.


I personally only use a premix a base when I’m single flavor testing. It makes it easier to just weigh the flavoring and because it’s a solo flavor I don’t care if the nic is off a little. However, when I’m mixing a recipe I don’t use my base. I weigh out my nic and pg.

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That’s smart. I might do that for my next batch of SFs since they’re usually close (enough) to the same flavor %s in each.

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