Pre mix individual flavours

I have been playing around with mixing and haven’t had that much success to be honest. Most of my mixes are pretty crap to say the least apart from a FA Cocoa and FA Coconut.

So, I think for my next order of FA flavours I will pre mix just a single flavour (around 10 individual flavours) and then use those. Is this a good idea? Also, say for example I pre mix 30 ml bottles and then use some in 10ml bottles to make a combined mix will this 10 ml bottle still require steeping or not because the pre mix was already steeped?

Also, any recommendations for single flavour percentages - I know depends on the flavour but is a good starting point 3% for FA?

Thanks - Andrew

I think making a standalone for flavors is a good idea because it helps give you an idea of what the flavor vapes like and it’s strength. I’m in the process of going through all my flavors and doing this.

With any of the stronger flavors, I generally go with 3% if there’s not much information. The best suggestion I can offer is to check the details page on ELR for each flavor you’re going to do and let the median or average % guide you on how much to do.

As for steeping, I’m not sure. Any time you mix flavors, they usually benefit from time to allow them to meld together.


Thanks JoJo.

Steeping may be required for a bit but can vary from flavor to flavor. Sometimes a day or is all that is needed. For most single flavors steeping isn’t normally required unless you get that alcohol or perfumey taste.

As for mixes not being very good. Practice makes perfect. Some new mixers start off and they are super lucky. Most others struggle at the beginning (myself included) In that case just go back to the drawing board. Try again.

Also, don’t get stuck on one flavor or recpie. For me I got stuck at the begging on two flavors and two recpies. I kept mixing the same stuff for acouple weeks. Turned out, it was the flavors and the recipies that were not working because of my taste preferances. When I moved away from those recpies everything started to fall in place.

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Thanks for the advise Chris.

After my first order of flavors. Picking out what looked good. Spent time looking at recipes, picked out a few. Then ordered the flavors needed to make them. This worked out much better for me.