Pre-Mixed Base

In the beginning I bought some pre-mixed base from vapemall. How do I figure this out in the calculator? It’s 75/25 with nicotine already in it. Thanks in advance.

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what strength nic do you use ?

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I Vape 3mg

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go to and just build a recipe without any flavours .


I mean how do I make a recipe with it? Just add the flavors to it? Guess it’ll drop the VG

I would set up the calculator for ‘‘max VG’’ and 0mg nic and then use the VG % for the base liquid you have .


Ok sounds good. Thanks.

Is the strength of the mix 3mg and its a 75/25 mix… if so just add your flavoring in for example to make this…

I would just add the required flavours
0.2 bavarian cream

to 8.76 ml of the base you have. Hope that makes sense.