Pre Mixing

I’m not sure how to ask this, let alone find the proper sub forum.

In a nutshell, I want to make up 1000ml bottles of juice, minus the nic. I have a lot of friends who I make for, but am getting tired of mixing 30ml bottles to requests. I want to make 1000ml bottle and throw it in the 30ml bottle with the needed nic.

My thoughts were to use E Juice Me Up and figure how much nic to put in said bottle, then just extract the rest from the big bottle of premix. Question I have is, how would I input the proper %'s without the nic, when I make the large jug of it?

If this wasn’t clear, it’s because I’m confused lol. I have a feeling when I hear the answer, I’m going to feel like an idiot. Like, I feel like it should be more simpler than I’m thinking.


You might try making a flavor base instead of making 1000ml. So have all the flavors mixed and then just add the pg/vg/nic


What you could do is make a flavor base, this will help with curing as well. Then you can add VG and nic when your friends need some liquids. So if your recipe calls for 9% total flavor put that into EJMU then input nic.


I knew it was simpler than I was making it out to be.

Thanks guys.

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Like the others stated by using a base as the ingredient you will also be able to provide different pg/vg ratios for those people your making the juice for besides just different nicotine concentrations. There are a few people on here that do the same thing for making a “base” for what they like for a flavor… like Strawberry… they call these “stone” I believe, like StrawberryStone, or “CustardStone”.

You can just add the nic, but it’s risky because it can get hot spots. The bottle also has to have the crap shaken out of it and it’s a pain. The guy at the store used to do it for me when my fav liquids were down to the zero nic bottles in stock when I still bought it but I like the other suggestions here much better!

If you are working with 100mg nic you could always just mix everything together leaving out the nic. The variance between adding nic to get a result of 3mg nic vs 8mg nic is very small and really should effect the flavor if you are working with 100mg nic.

Since the nic for many vapers is between 3mg and 12mg. Plan the recipie at 7.5mg in the calculator. Mix the base (pg/vg/flavors). Then when you add nic later add the correct level of nic to the corresponding request.

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That would work if I wasn’t OCD about numbers. I’m sure the flavor differences would be imperceptible, but I’m going to use the Stone option in ELR.

That is a really good idea though and one I’d probably try if I wasn’t sitting on 2000ml of 60mg.

Yeah, it’s way better at the 100mg.