Pre steeping your flavors?

hey guys hows it going?
I am quite curious about pre steeping.

not like make the flavor, let it steep fully then add nic.

I mean more like if i was to say mix custard at like 20% and the rest vg. could it be possible to do that and still get the correct proportions?


Thats what I do with my cookie and cream bases. I mix 60 ml of both and then wat a week to add my nic base…and then whatever else.

Or create a stone


I add the nic way later on most of my juice, I have people that take 18mg and people that take nic free, it’s just much easier to add it when they order.

Maybe i portrayed the wrong idea.

I want to have custard already pre steeped so i can add it to a recipe and not wait 3 weeks for it to steep

Same with like cheesecakes. Im not worried about nic as i always add that last.

ah right got you, well it’s only my opinion but when I have tried to mix pre steeped flavours in the past they always seem to be muted, its as if they need to go through the whole bonding process again so I never gained anything, that’s only my experiences though it might be different for other people and I have only done it a handful of times

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That is basically what @Alisa is doing when she is making her stones I believe… without the addition of the vg so she can use the desired amount of a pre-steeped and ready to use flavor base at whatever percentage that is desired at the time. As in this example:

or @shearmagix

Or maybe I mis-understood the question… sorry about that.

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One of the main points of the steeping process is letting the flavors meld together. Someone who could speak on the side of mixing together “pre-steeped” flavors is @Joy. I know she mixes all her flavors up into singles and then mixes those together. Maybe she can say how it works for her and if she thinks it needs to steep after?

I’ve never been able to make a good tasting custard juice at home :frowning: maybe this pre steeping idea would solve that problem?

Custard takes a reallllly long time to steep. Like after 2 weeks i find the flavor just starting to come out .

Hey JoJo, I’m glad I caught this post, so I could respond.
As you say, I do keep single flavors mixed/steeped of each and every flavor concentrate that I have.
I do mix recipes using these, and it’s great for ‘on the fly’ mixing. It’s not exact though.
I do also mix recipes using concentrates, as most folks do.
When I mix on the fly using pre-steeped single flavors, I can shake and vape it after it sits for about an hour. It also changes if I let it sit overnight in my tank. I haven’t done exact comparisons to check if a recipe would come out different or if flavors would be any different or more or less potent.
I do find great advantages to my method, and it is my way of life. One example is how I can really see how flavors improve with time. Even single flavors that I’ve had mixed for a year are still good and potent. If not, I’d just add more anyway. My art is not exact. But it sure gives me lots of freedom to mix and learn and vape exactly what I want at the time. I do it every day. It’s horrible. Even if I have a recipe mixed and steeped, I seem to add to it and improve it. It all depends on my mood. Later in the day, I want more zing. Oh I could talk forever on this subject- mixing and vaping. I love it.
I would definitely advise anyone… Even if you don’t do what I do, at least mix up a few of your concentrates like custards for example ahead of time. You know how it is… The longer they steep, the better they get.


Alisa, I have been thinking for quite some time… that I should make some ‘bases’ just as you did. Good thinking. I have saved your recipes for CreamStone, CustardStone, and CobblerStone and I will make them the next time I mix. Then after I give them a whirl, I promise to post. They look really good. Bavarian Cream is always a winner, the Cream Fresh has a really nice texture, and I agree about your preference for FW over TPA Bavarian Cream. I’m surprised at how FW concentrates taste great at such a low price, and they seem to offer some much needed, very useful flavors. I also find that Meringue is one flavor that makes a tank spank the tongue.

Lately, I’m thinking I might try a permanent mixing station rather than my mixing cart on wheels setup. That way, I could come and go if I get interrupted, and I wouldn’t have to put everything away. I’m in need of a method that will allow me to mix more often. I haven’t mixed ejuice in over a month! I have used up most all of my mixed recipes, which is good. Even all that Zoochberry Cream is gone. I still have plenty of single flavors pre-mixes of course. I’ve also set up a container holding 30 ml bottles of refills for my single flavor 10 ml flavors that I use the most.

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Is what your saying is that your basically “watering down” your single flavors to like a 10% single flavor batch… ?

Yes. I’m not using water though. I use 70/30 VG/PG 3mg nic to water them down or dilute them. The percentage does depend on the brand though. I mix all of my TPA flavors at 10%. In other words, 10% flavor concentrate and 90% of my VG/PG/Nic diluter. I mix all of my Capella flavors at 20%. I mix IWA flavors at 5%, and FA flavors at 5%. If I’m going to use these pre-steeped single flavors to mix a recipe, I know how much to use. If it was mixed at 10%, I’d use 10 times the amount the recipe calls for. If it was mixed at 5%, I’d use 20 times the amount that the recipe calls for.

The reasoning for my madness is good because I can sit and mix up stuff freely as I wish. If I want some i.e., Strawberry Milkshake to vape, I might open my Aromamizer and throw in TPA Milk about 15 drops, MF Strawberry (3%) about 20 drops, FA or Cap Strawberry 10 drops, FA Meringue 4 drops, Vanilla Custard V1 3 drops. Then I fill to the top of this 6ml tank with my diluter which is 70/30 VG/PG at 3mg nic. That’s about 2 dropperfulls or 40 drops. This is what I do most of the time. I shake and let it sit for a few minutes or an hour, then vape. If it needs something, like sweetener, I’ll put in a drop or 2 of my Stevia that I keep handy. I also have two other bottles handy, diluter and my “Flavor Booster”. It contains a little nic, Vape Wizard, vodka, sweetener, saline water, and Smooth and sour. It does perk up a mix that is bland. As my tank gets vapped and lower, sometimes I want a change. So, I’ll add some condensed milk or any cream. I really like Tres leches by FW lately. But…don’t overdue it. Just 2 drops of 5% single flavor presteep in a 6ml tank will do. Another change-up might be to add some yogurt or cheesecake. I have 2 or 3 brands of each of those mixed and ready to drop in.
It only takes about one minute for me to fill a tank with a new mix. Often, I’ll write down what I put in the tank if it tastes really good. Lately a good one has been 2 dropperfulls MF Pomegranite, 4 drops FW Blueberry and 7 drops IWA Cherries. Of course, then I add 2 drops sweetener. Remember, I mix my FW concentrates at 10% and my IWA at 5% and MF at 3%. I hope this makes sense or is of use to someone. This is how I vape most of the time. If I’m not mixing from scratch using single flavor steeps, I often add to my ejuice. My usual Peach Custard often changes when I add TPA VAnilla Cupcake or Vanilla Swirl or more TPA Cake batter. Lately, just 2 drops of 5% FW Tres Leche changes up a 6ml Aromamizer tank big time.


Interesting… thanks for the elaboration.

Thanks for the comment. Honestly, I type 10 times more than I end up posting. I’m a real talker. I’m glad I was able to give a true picture of how I personally do things most of the time. It’s like riding a bike, but putting one flavor with another can change the whole scenereo. It’s a very complicated mission … to mix up a good juice. I so admire those that do it with exactness and share here. We couldn’t live/vape without them. XO

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Totally agree, my biggest problem with the damn people posting all these great sounding recipes or concepts, that I now am getting up to 200 flavors and haven’t mixed with half of them lol soooo many flavors and recipes, too little time.

I truly feel for you. I don’t mix often at all and I put it off and put it off. I think I’ve got about 5 different strawberry brands/types and still I couldn’t tell you which one I like the most or the difference between them. One thing I have thought to myself often is how amazing it is that if you keep it pretty simple, it’s almost hard to make something that isn’t good. Most all the concentrates we buy are really nice flavorings and a little cake or a little cream with any fruit you like is usually a winner. As you read, I do things differently than most (keeping single flavors pre-diluted and steeped). That so, does allow me to try out all of my flavors. And yet, still it is confusing trying to remember what tastes like what. In order to promote or increase the use of your 200 flavors, there’s many things you could do, but it all involves time. Hopefully you are comfortable with your mixing setup and enjoy mixing. I really don’t enjoy it much. Maybe you could try mixing a few of your single flavors. I’m not suggesting that is what you do with all of your flavors like I did because that would involve 200 new bottles of mixed flavorings (if you have 200 flavors). BUT perhaps you could figure out some way to taste some of the flavors you have and haven’t tried. I’m always, ALWAYS wishing I had a friend closeby that also vapes. I would share everything I have and would give a lot of extra stuff to him or her. It would be so fun to collaborate. Twice the experience with half of the work and half the time. The greatest thing of all would be having someone to share the things I enjoy. Well I’m rambling on as usual. If you want a penpal or a vape pal. I’m still open and don’t have one. But, I just had to tell you… I know how you feel, and I’m sure a great percentage of us ‘mixers’ feel the same too. We have so, so many flavors, and we will probably never use them all. We need friends closeby I think. Maybe you live near someone nice. I’m in the boonies!

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My biggest crime is with the exception of Bust a Nut and one or two other things, I’m always mixing 30ml, so I have a lot of juice steeped up. I should probably start only doing 15ml batches and it would force me to mix more often. I normally mix at 7mg nic… most people (I believe) are using 3mg or less…