Predator 228 won't stay in TC Mode

I rotate through Smok Baby tfv8 rta, Smok Cloud Beast tfv8 rta, Merlin rta and iJoy Limitless Classic RDTA built with single wire SS316 dual coils (single coil in the Merlin). Attaching each tank at room temperature to Smok Alien 220 or Kbox 200, both mods maintain TC Mode. However, the Predator will not - just switches to Power mode. Any ideas?

Are you using the 316 mode or TCR mode? TCR mode works best on Wismec/Joytech mods. Try TCR made at 0092.

TCR mode. I assume Wismec would know the TCR value for SS 316 wire is .00088. I did set the TCR values for M1, M2 and M3 to 0088. Regardless if I set it for TEMP SS or TCR mode, as soon as I hit the fire button, it changes to POWER. The rest of the config when in temp or tcr, I have 35 Watts and 420 degrees fahrenheit. It does recognize the ohms of my coil build equal to my Alien (between .25 and .33 ohms depending on my build).

Since switching to TC on my alien months ago, I much prefer it over VC. So far, not enjoying the Predator if I can’t figure this out.

Ya i have the same issue with the predator - i am trying to like it i just cant. The only atty i can get to stay in tcr or ss tc mode is the tfv12 everything else just jumps out. Cant wait for the nfe team to get their firmware working on the predator until then it is out of the rotation.

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What do you think? Should we give it a try:

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Yup I will be on that later today

yeah I’ve been lookin at it for the RX300…my Predator has crapped out already, firing bar only works if you press it really hard in one spot…It’s had minimal use too…Alien is still going strong though…

I put it on my rx 2/3 @Pugs1970 it has given it a new lease on life - I actually use it for something other than dry


Ok so i thought i could get the fw sorted a bit earlier than planned - hooked up the predator and started the process - I got an error message. Firmware not suitable for connected device I will look into it a little later.

Edit: Ah you have to have the updated nfe toolbox to update

I run AF on all of my Joyetech and Wismec devices. It’s way better than the stock firmware.

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Ya likewise - support for the predator was released 2 days ago and after using it for fully 15 seconds I can tell it is a huge improvement already - just have to test a few more attys on it now.


I got my Alien and Predator within a few weeks of each other, and that was one of the things I noticed. Good fire bar on the Alien, but had similar trouble with my Predator from the beginning. Don’t have to squeeze hard, but have to hit the right spot. Kinda like…well, you know

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I just installed the Articfox firmware on my RX2/3 and I’m loving it! Software like escribe to configure all your profiles and the best of all, MY TEMP CONTROL WORKS!! FINALLY :smiley:

I highly recommend anyone with a regulated Wismec or Joytech to update to this firmware. HUGE thumbs up to the developers.