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Predominately dragonfruit recipe


Howdy wonderful people! A coworker
mentioned he really liked dragonfruit vapes and I thought it would be a good intro to diy if I mixed him something up. I have tpa dragon fruit but not much experience using it. Perused the recipies but dragonfruit seems to be mostly an enhancer. Anyone have suggestions for a recipient where it is at the forefront? My flavor stash is here http://e-liquid-recipes.com/publicstash/174903. Most fruits and I don’t get along so your insight is much appreciated. Something with a quick steep time would be perfect.



Your friend,probably doesnt know how dragon fruit actually taste , bc its usually mixed,with other things but if I wanted to make a DF vape,id do,something like this

dragon fruit at 4 to 5 pct
Raspberry at .5pct
Lemon at minimal,percent
Fresh cream or whipped cream at 1ish percent

You can also use an apple at a low percent as well instead of lemon. If your friend is use to commercial,juices u may need to add some sweetener


Nice one love how he’s using the cactus …


Unfortunately I don’t have the champagne. :sweat:


You are probably right. This looks interesting. Thanks!


You’re too kind brother. I tell you, there is a far better DF based recipe out there. It’s one I modified after reading some comments. I’m out of some flavors but when I do make this, it’s all I vape till its gone.


Or you could make @Molly_Mcghee dragon fruit less dragon fruit! And… It’s not public.


Well, here it is… If anyone is interested.

Edit: correct recipe, finally… :roll_eyes:


I like caps juicy peach , I thought I was the only one lol


I like it, too, it’s actually realistic - skin and all!


Yes see some say its candy like … Ive never felt that way, I also like to mix it with caps yellow peach


We don’t have that one, but I’ve mixed it with LB peach :grin:


I’m so confused (happens easily so don’t mind me), am I missing the dragon fruit? Does this taste like df even though it isn’t one of the ingredients?!


Yes, that mix tastes like dragon fruit without the dragon.


Got it. Thanks. Lol I thought maybe my eyes were going bad… :laughing:


Dragon Ch’i is delicious and simple. I’ve adapted it to use half TPA dragonfruit and half Capella
So it’s 5% each of TPA dragonfruit
CAP dragonfruit
CAP sweet lychee
TPA pomegranate deluxe
Plus TPA sweetener to taste (I use 1 Drop per 20ml)