Preferred VG/PG/NIC supplier

Okay guys i know this is somewhat a stupid question. But i was just wondering where everyone buys there base supplies at. I currently have liquid barn pg/vg/ & nic. But where is the best bang for my buck going to be?

Here’s your best VG/PG buys…

Nude Nicotine or My Freedom Smokes for Nicotine…

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Thanks brother!

WL and I add flavors to boost it over the min order to get free shipping. It’s a win win combination for me.

Call me Guinea Pig…
I just ordered a 2 oz bottle of 500 mg/ml of nicotine in PG.
I had looked at ordering high strength nicotine from MFS and was told by them they only sell strengths higher than 100 mg/ml to registered wholesale customers. They are concerned about the liability issues. (Can’t blame them really).
So I went on a search and found:
My reasoning:
ECONOMICS: Lets do the math.
I typically mix 20 ml test bottles to a finished nicotine strength of 6mg/ml. With 100 mg/ml that is 1.51 mg or 1.2 ml of nicotine solution. To obtain 6 mg/ml in a 20 ml bottle with 500mg/ml (PG), the required weight of the solution is .25 mg or .24 ml by volume. (obviously 5 times less is required by weight of volume)

The 2 oz bottle of 500 mg/ml from e-liq costs around $20.00 and will yield approximately 246 20 ml bottles (59.15 ml / .24 ml = 246.458). That is a total yield of 4928 ml (20 ml x 246 = 4928 ) of 6 mg finished e-liquid. Just under 5 liters.
In comparison:
A 125 ml bottle of 100 mg/ml bottle from MFS @ $20.00 will yield 2083.5 ml of 6 mg finished e-liquid. Just over 2 liters.
It’s a real “no brainer”.
Of course many more precautions must be taken for safety with that level of nicotine. A VERY accurate scale is an absolute must. (I have a very nice …and very expensive… gun powder scale that I trust implicitly and calibrate regularly). Shooting is a whole other forum. :smiley:
I welcome your thoughts on this. I have placed the order, If I don’t like the nicotine, I won’t feel too very bad about pitching $20 down the drain and into the trash. To me, the economics are worth the experimentation.

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I believe bulk apothecary sell VG and PG for cheaper than the top of the thread. I will say I find it to be very high quality stuff.

For nicotine, well, I dont use much so I buy "the best,"Nude Nicotine, and I have it packaged in their “nude armor” package that excludes oxygen so I get a long shelf life. I can say that at 4mg after a two week steep that I cannot taste the nicotine at all. . .which is really bad if you are driving, not expecting a buzz from your juice selection, and suck down a TFV4 tank full. I nearly had to pull over I was spinning so badly.

OK, my $0.02. YMMV, etc. Cheers!

For those in the UK that read this I have found

CLASSIKOOL VG/PG to be of great quality and 1000ml is around £7

Vapers emporium have great quality NIC 250ml 72mg £16.99


They claim to be Pharma Grade 99.8% pure, but there’s no CofA on their website to confirm that.
Is their VG really true to its label?

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6 year old post sorry.

I now use LUBRISOLVE VG and PG.

A lot has changed since then.

Back then I was paying £26 for 1000ml 72mg NIC now it’s £26 for 250ml 72mg NIC lol.

Times change. I haven’t used Classikool for a very long time sorry.


WOW! I did not really expect a reply, thanks!

Did you switch due to price or quality? Any comments on Lubrisolve are very welcome.


To be perfectly honest with you I can’t remember why I switched. Lol.

I literally have zero complaints about LUBRISOLVE for their products.

Neither do any of the people I make juice for.