Premade base 70/30 very thin and not so tasty

Hi everybody

Im starting on this world of the liquids mixing and stuff, so i bought a VG/PG Base 70/30 and without nicotine (many tests but i dont want to get more nicotine thant when i smoked jaja).

Recently i worked with 2 recipes, banana man and leonarD mothers milk. Both liquids are to thin and even when some reviewers stated that the recipes was shake and vape. I left steer for 1 day
but the flavor wasnt what i expected.

Banana man tasted like banana medicine for kids and the LMM provided just a very small creamy flavour.
Both of them produced a normal amount of clouds.

What i can do to improve the flavor and maybe even the density of the liquid?


With a premixed 70/30 base you will end up with a much thinner finished product. Assuming your recipe calls for at least 10% flavorings that puts you at 60/40. Most of my recipes are more towards 16%-18% flavoring so that would be almost 50/50. Only fix would be to use less of th epremixed base and add 100% VG to get you where you like it.


or use some super concentrates that only require 3 or 4 percent total flavoring

or get some premixed 90/10 or 80/20 base of course…


any tip to make this base useful ( ifeel like i wasted some money :stuck_out_tongue: ) Because it will take a time to get vg.

Im a bit confused because, some of the liquids i used says: 70/30 pg/vg so i though it will be the same if i try something. :frowning:

u need super concentrated flavors or more pg, those are the only ways to minimize the thinning and/or compensate for the pg flavors

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Banana medicine. Yum!!! J/k.

Well taste is subjective. What may taste good to you is bad for someone else.

Point 2…just because someone says shake and vape doesn’t always mean snv. Maybe that person likes it that way. Personally at this point, since I don’t have time, I steep/age my mixes for atleast two weeks…if not 3-4 or more.

Personally I always like the minimum of 4-7 days for simple fruit recipes.


Hi. Your base is 70/30 but usually the flavorings that you add are suspended in pg. So when you put the flavoring in, you’re adding pg, thinning your base out. You can buy some vg to add to your base to thicken it up and not waste it. Good luck! And stick with it. For me, the first couple of months diy it was tough. But you’ll hit your stride soon and it’ll be well worth it.


With everything new it takes time, time to think, time to learn, read about flavours, read about steeping and how it works, read about how pg/vg ratios affect your vaping experience.

Once you have a good understanding of eliquid alchemy you will be able to create tasty vapes that you will enjoy, there will be fails but persevere and learn from them.

Happy vaping!


Thanks to everybody. last night i spend a good time reading some stuff at my office and then watching videos and reading at home.

I will try the hot bath (but not so hooot, to avoid flavor degradation), breathing for a few minutes and then resting the juices on dark calm, cossy and dark place xD

After the hot bath and a small shake, it really change colour and even the aroma felt more shapped and organized than sunday when i mix it. Also i will get vg to add a little bit to the main base or a few ml to the next batches.

I will update you the juice improvements. I hope no more banana medicine flavor.