Premium companys bottle sizes

So what I wanted to bring to light was that as o decided to get into diy I started saving all my 30ml glass bottles to be rinsed and used to start. But what pisses me off is that almost all of them are not truly 30ml when I use the calculator on here I end up over filling some bottles and it’s rediculous that company’s will use bottles that are an astounding 2-3 ml short on average telling us there’s 30ml in there for most people that’s a decent amount of drips or your last tank full. It’s not cool imo. Just thought I share my findings

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The droppers take up room too. I usually mix a couple ml shy of the capacity to leave room for shaking too.

Yep. My “15” ml glass bottles only hold 12ml comfortably.

We used to scream at our manufacturers about that crap. It is stupid because they say it is only 30ml with a standard cap -.-

Yeah the dropper definitely displaces a good bit. I learned that the hard way when I first got the bottles and tried to put 15ml in them. :stuck_out_tongue: It does kinda stink that liquid makers sell them as 15ml or 30ml and know full well there isn’t that much in there.

That’s why I’ve been trying to order unicorn caps for my 30mls and such cuz one I don’t like droppers all that much and two cuz of this annoying but common defect in vial manufacturing. I just need to make some effort into actually purchaseing them

i have learned to adjust accordingly:
when i make 30 ml, i leave the calculator at 30…and thats with a dropper, of course.
when i make 60, i set it to 57…thats with the dropper.
120 i set at 118 for regular caps and 114 with a dropper. and for 240 i set at 236 and thats standard cap.
i buy my bottles at
not sure if this helps if you are repurposing bottles.

If you’re in the United States, OSDIY and Cathouse both sell caps for a decent price. I think ELRECIPES gives discounts on both places.

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I only repurposed the bottles I had laying around I’m not planning on using them a 3rd time I think that just starts to get gross and washing out bottles and letting them dry is more work then it should. I love glass bottles cuz of they way the cure. But plastic seems to be the way I go for larger siZed batches 30 ml and 60 ml I love to put in glass just cuz the flavor stays true Imo. But I did realize I should start adjusting also to save my self I started mAking 100ml batches instead of 120 just in case