Premium Sellers Flavours?

Been thinking about how the premium Ejuice sellers go about creating their mixtures.
Do you think that they order the flavours pre mixed from the flavour companies?
To me it would make perfect business sense if they for example order in bulk a pre made custard mix of various flavourings and also a premade fruit mix, again maybe consisting if a couple of flavours?
I just cannot see them ordering in bulk separate flavourings and mixing themselves from scratch.

‘Premium’ is subjective… So, not sure what you mean by ‘premium’ ejuice sellers.
There’s so much ejuice out there LABELED ‘premium’ that is simply and ridiculously
thrown together junk.

Many very popular, very well advertised and marketed ejuices are produced in a manufacturing plant.

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I was merely using the word ‘Premium’ to encompass the main big companies, Element, Suicide Bunny, Cuttwood etc…
I agree with yourself that the word is thrown around some very far from premium juices!
But I don’t want to get hung up on my opinions of the big companies per se but rather their working practices that we, as DIYers, could employ in our per suits?
Apologies if I caused any confussion!

Sorry Chewy… I obviously have a ‘thing’ about the word ‘premium’,

There are a few nice videos from some ‘big dog’ manufacturing of ejuice (properly) on Youtube, but I haven’t
seen any of them disclose what they are mixing, as far as flavoring goes, except for one that shows a clean room
where they are blending various flavorings.

I don’t believe the ‘big dogs’ would trust any other entity with their recipe to blend a base flavor for them. They
are just too secretive about what they put in their ejuice.

Lol, no worries! I suspect we are singing from the same hymn sheet with regards to the terminology!

If I was in the situation where I was producing large quantities I would, for example, order a basic creamy custard premix from say Capella, that used, say 5 different flavourings and a premix of a strawberry.
It would make the mixing easier to control and I suspect a shorter steeping time.
I may be way off the mark but it makes perfect business sense to me?
With regards to secrecy of recipe etc, I am positive that the big companies would be very ethical in their customer confidentiality?
Part of my experiments just now is premix a custard base that will sit for a few weeks before I add the fruit.
Hopefully I will get a mixture where the fruit is less muted and will save me using more of the strawberry flavouring to compensate?
Also maybe a shorter steep time?
Again it is all down to trial and error just now but that is my aim. Shorter steep time, maximum flavour.

YEs… I’ve found that making a basic ‘stone’ or ‘flavor base’ is the way to go
with mixes I do a lot. ELR is helpful because it has the 'Make Flavor Base’
option on a recipe. I use it quite a bit.

I have a creamstone, a couple of custardstones, and even a cakestone I keep
30mls of each on hand to use in recipes. They are pre-steeped, so my
mixes don’t take as long to steep when I use them as bases.

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Most of the larger ones do actually. We will work on a flavor sometimes for months with an eliquid manufacturer. All the way down to spices that you taste and how they layer out on inhale.

I have one customer that is having me add a nutmeg taste to a flavor o.O

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You have convinced me this is the way to go!
Great info especially confirmation of my initial thoughts on a shorter steeping time!

Thanks for the confirmation of my suspicions!
Part of the reason why we can struggle sometimes with the more complex flavours.
We may get close, very close at times, but when the basic raw flavour concentrates have been premixed a totally different flavour profile will be achieved?

Time for more experiments I think? Lol