Premix 70/30 PG/VG Calculator?

Hi All,

I’ve just started making my own e-liquids and I’m happy with the recipe and notice that premix bases are cheaper than buying the PG/VG bases separately.

Does anyone know of a calculator that accounts for premix or of very simple formula to ensure accurate measurements?

The below recipe is for a 50ml Bottle, 70/30 PG/VG split with 5%Nic (18mg Nic Shot) and 20% Flavour.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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Not the proper way to do it when mixing by weight but this is how I do it. I will have an 80/20 premixed and will click on the “Max VG” block in the ELR calculator. Use your VG total weight for your premix.


Hmmm, seems to me your trying just a little to hard, and making it more complicated than it has to be in finding a calculator a little to exact…

Since your u sin* a premix 70/30 base with no nic
And a 18mg nic shot
And 20% flavor

You can use

Just check max vg

Then you will get result like this

Since your using a 70/30 base max vg will work just fine for you. Vg dilutant would be your 70/30 premix

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The way I see it, if you use premix, you have to tick the checkbox Use vape-ready nicotine base

You won’t be able to set your desired nicotine strength, nor your final vg/pg ratio. Instead you’ll just enter the premix values and you’ll see in your recipe what you end up with.



Think I’ll just have to quit being cheap and just buy the vg and pg bases separately!


It’s not like your VG and PG are so costly in your final product. If you want to save some money, you can easily do so by being smart with your flavor purchases (buy super concentrates for example).

Both nicotine and flavors are probably the most costly ingredients of your juice. VG and PG are negligible IMO.

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That would work if he is only using nic and flavoring,

but the way I’m reading it, he is using three ingredients

70/30 pg/vg
18mg nic shot
20% flavoring

To me pg and vg separate seem cheaper in the us. But then again I also like the freedom of choosing my own pg vg ratios when I mix…

But after looking at prices in uk it does seem premix bases are a lot cheaper… but then again you don’t have the freedom of adjusting ratios


I might have misread it, I thought the 5% nic was in his premix and then he had some 18mg shots…
Anyways, it’s making things a little more complicated for people who want to be accurate in their measurements. If you don’t care too much about an exact pg/vg ratio and your final nicotine %, these premixes are probably a blessing.