Premix base liquid percentages

Hi everyone,

This may be a silly question, so apologies, but my maths has never been my strongest point and i am a bit of a newbie!

For a bit of background info I make my liquids 70/30 @ 3mg

To make a premixed base to add ~10% Concentrate (PG based) to, how do I calculate what I need?

Would it be 80/20 at 3.3mg? My rationale is you are adding 10% PG with no nic…

Thanks for your help in advance!

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Are you wanting to make a base that is just your flavors? If so, you can click the blue wrench on a recipe and click “Make Flavor Base”.

If you’re wanting to make a nic/pg/vg base you could create a ‘test’ recipe, input everything and a dummy flavor, then mix everything but the flavor together. Your rationale for the 80/20 at 3.3 seems sound and would at least get you in the ballpark. The closest I’m getting in the calculator is doing 4mg at 85/15. Doing 3.3mg at 80/20 will only let you make 2.8mg at 30/70 but that seems close enough. More specific math, I can’t offer at the moment cuz I have to run to calculus class. LoL.


If I was going to do what you were doing, and my nicotine was 100mg/ml I would basically mix like the following (I just used Juicy Peach as a reference for whatever your flavor base is/was):

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Thanks @CallMeTut I was gonna do that. lmao

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I should have noted also the nic I used was vg based.

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Thanks to everyone for your help, I think I’m staring to get it now!

If I needed it to be exact I would measure but I do find it a hassle having to get out the gloves and nic every-time with all the other safety precautions!

This really is a great community!


I only have four juices that I do the nic on individually. That’s because I mix them in 240ml batches.

Just in case anyone else views this thread with the same question, I’ve found a solution (excuse the pun) on the web…

Choose option “C” to calculate the concentration of the final solution, then you are able to change the inputs to see what works for you.

So in my example i would need to make up a premix of 77.8/22.2 (VG/PG) @ 3.333% Which when added to 10% concentrate mix would give a perfect 70/30 @ 3mg!

Hope this helps someone else